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Summer 2015



Course #

Course Name


Contact Information


CIS 6420

Data mining

A. Shah


CIS 1000

Computer Applications

K. Cook


CIS 1000

Computer Applications

A. Shah


 CIS 2000

Desktop Publishing & Multimedia Presentation

A. Shah


CIS 1000

Computer Applications

A. Yemelyanov


CIS 1000

Computer Applications

S. Baev


CSCI 3100

Introduction to Computer Organization

S. Baev


CIS 4200

Computer Security

S. Baev


CIS 4400

Information Storage & Retrieval

A. Yemelyanov


CIS 5310

Decision Support Systems

A. Yemelyanov


CSCI 4910

Jr./Sr. Seminar

K. Cook

The Department of Computer Science has established academic collaboration with some foreign schools and universities. Through these collaboration several students have come to GSW to do a Master of Science in Computer Science and also short term projects in Information Technology.

The countries with which GSW has signed MOU's are

  • China
  • India
  • Nepal

In recent years technological developments have impacted today’s business and industry and the way we conduct day-to-day affairs. In particular, communication technology has revolutionized the socio-economic environment requiring tremendous change - a change leading to globalization at an alarming rate. The whole world is emerging as a global village and hence the change impacts mankind across the globe in various ways. This has necessitated a change in lifestyle, business, education, and other walks of life. It may be added that the cultural diversities are increasing on the one hand, while the need for unity in diversity is being recognized on the other, particularly in light of the globalization. This paradox calls for appreciation of various cultures. The only medium for such harmonization lies in multicultural education. The ultimate aim of education is to foster humanity and understanding.

The need for such a multicultural education is greater in the field of education. Exposure to the international environment, interaction with people from diverse cultures, sensitization to a pluralistic society, and global business practices are some of the relevant factors education needs to address. The proposed collaborations are an attempt in this direction through various programs and activities.


  • To incorporate international experience in teaching.
  • To gain familiarity with the international environment.
  • To develop a perspective for multi-cultural education.
  • To develop, design and adopt new courses suitable to emerging needs.
  • To explore the possibility of joint research in the area of computing.
  • To provide students opportunities for higher studies at the international level.
  • To enable the students to enjoy opportunities for meaningful interaction with international students, thereby developing a sense of appreciation and understanding for cultural diversities.

Joao Paulo Clementi

Completed a Bachelor of Science degree from GSW in 2001 and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science in 2003. Joao Paulo was inducted into the GSW Hall of Fame on October 20, 2007. Joao Paulo is currently working as a Development Specialist for Microsoft and has been in this position since 2007. JP, as he is called by his peers, is accountable for evangelizing Microsoft technologies to the technical community, as well as actively managing programs such as Microsoft forums, portals (MSDN & TechNet), learning programs, and articles. He maintains a blog, speaks at Microsoft online and off-line events, and is in constant interaction with the local technical community.

Brandon Fogerty

A graduate of GSW with a Master degree in Computer Science studied at GSW from 2003 to 2008. Brandon writes:

“When I first came to GSW, I knew that I wanted to study Computer Science. I never knew exactly how far my education at GSW would take me but I was in for a surprise! I tried to learn as much as I could about C++, Graphics, and AI programming during my studies as I knew that those areas would help me enter the game industry.

During my enrollment at GSW, I had the privilege to work at Web- i-Tech which enabled me to get real world experience. Through Web I-Tech, I was able to intern at Motorola's head quarters in Schaumburg IL, working on 3d avatar technology.

After I graduated I landed my first job in the game industry. I went to work for a Massive
Multiplayer Online game called Kaneva in Atlanta. ( During my
employment at Kaneva, I worked on building tools and gameplay for our virtual world. It was an amazing feeling to finally be working in the industry that I enjoyed so much!

After Kaneva, I went to work for a Small Arms Simulation company in Orlando Fl, named Cubic. While at Cubic, I had the privilege of working with a next generation game enginecalled CryEngine. ( At Cubic, I worked as a Lead Software Engineer developing our CryEngine based simulations.

Finally, after my employment at Cubic, my dream came true. I was offered a Senior Engineer position at a Game Studio called n-Space in Orlando Florida. ( n-Space has been a respected force in the video game industry for over 15 years working on major IPs such as Star Wars, James Bond/007, Call of Duty, Tron, Toy Story, and many others. n-Space is a licensed game developer for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PSP game consoles. I am currently working on an unannounced Nintendo 3DS game which I am very excited about! I have always wanted to work on a Nintendo game and that dream is currently being lived out!

Through God, my studies at GSW, and through my own personal studies, I was able to achieve this dream. GSW afforded me many opportunities to grow my engineering skills.  Through my training in C++, Graphics, AI, and real world experience at Web I-Tech, I was able to build a foundation to continue my education in this very challenging but rewarding industry.”

John T. Wright 

Graduated with honors in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Southwestern State University. One year prior to graduating he received full-time employment with a major financial services processing company in Georgia. He is currently a System Software Analyst, which is an upper level Unix/Linux engineering position. Since John’s employment, he has been able to use the skills he learned from GSW to further his career within the company. “I use the concepts and tools learned from school every day in my activities at work. These days companies are doing everything in their power to do more with less, which puts a lot more pressure on students graduating, to show that they are worth the investment which comes with full time employment. Working as a UNIX/Linux Administrator is a very challenging and demanding job, but it has its perks due to the fact that it is a very specialized field and thus in great demand across the country. Graduation can be scary for any student, but you have to get out there and compete for the job you want and never settle. You will always find the job you want if you have the drive and motivation to push for it.”

Robert Thompson 

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems Fall Semester 2002. . He is currently employed by AirWatch who was recently acquired by VMWare in Atlanta, Georgia in the Professional Services division. Robert previously worked for several banks and a mortgage company where he had wide ranging IT-related responsibilities. He also earned his Master of Science degree in Information Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University in 2006 and teaches IT courses for the school part time. Robert resides in Marietta, Georgia.

Mathew Garner 

Earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Science during the Fall Semester 2005. He is currently employed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Panama City Beach, Florida. Mathew is their Systems Administrator and Subject Matter Expert on Collaboration Software for the Naval Department. Collaboration Software is an application that allows users to accomplish tasks through audio, presentations, text, and whiteboard tools. He has been employed at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. He was a finalist for the very competitive and prestigious President’s Fellowship National program.

Beverly Carroll 

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems during the Fall Semester 2002. She then went on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree during the Fall 2004 semester. Beverly is currently employed at STI Knowledge, Inc. in Americus, GA as a Certified Help Desk Professional. Her duties include: providing technical and customer service support to employees of the University of Chicago Medical Center and all of their outpatient clinics. Ms. Carroll has been nominated to appear on the GSW Wall of Honor from 2005-2006 and also received the 2004-2005 Presidential Service Leadership Award given by the President of the United States.

Jason Ormes

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems during
the Spring Semester 1997. He is currently employed at Fermi National Accelerator
Laboratory in Naperville, IL as a Unix Systems Administrator. His duties include maintenance
and security of the UNIX/Linux systems. Jason has been employed at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for five years.

Bob Meads 

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from GSW in May 1997. After graduation, he immediately accepted a position at Siemens Energy and Automation in Alpharetta, GA, supporting SIMATIC WinCC, a new Human Machine Interface development package for manufacturing applications. After two years, Siemens moved its support base to Princeton, and Bob started iQuest, Inc. an independent consulting firm specializing in WinCC Integration, C++ development, and training classes on C programming and WinCC. Bob began providing training, WinCC application development, and consulting for such companies as Siemens, Philip Morris, BOC Gases and Bacardi. In 2003, Bob co-authored WinCC Audit , a software package designed to reduce the engineering effort required to develop WinCC applications that meet the FDA’s new 21 CFR part 11 regulations for electronic records and signatures. Siemens quickly bought the worldwide distribution rights to WinCC Audit. Today, Bob is still providing consulting and development services, as well as teaching software development classes in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In his spare time he is working on the next version of Audit for Siemens.

Brenda Hines 

Earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. She is currently employed at the Marine Corps Logistics Base (Systems Command) in Albany, Georgia as a Supervisory Computer Specialist. In the position of Branch Head for the Automated Information Systems (AIS) Support Branch, Brenda supervises teams of computer specialists who provide technical support in the areas of database administration/management, configuration management, and technical documentation for Marine Corps Logistics Automated Information Systems. Brenda has worked for the Federal Government for 19 years, at M.C.L.B. in Albany for 14 years, and in her current position for 4 years.

Charlie Cook 

Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Southwestern College in December of 1993. During his time in college, Charlie worked for a company called The Systems Shop. GSW Professor Gardner Long owned this business. Upon graduation, he acquired a position with Lockheed Martin and worked there for 3 years. Charlie was sent by Lockheed Martin to train at Hewlett Packard on the 917 midrange server. The HP server ran an operating system called MPE/IX. This system used manufacturing software with an SQL database backbone and Intermec Barcode readers to capture job times. Charlie trained in networking using Novell 4.0 with Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. In 1997 Charlie started his own company called DataCom Services, Inc. His company serves large and small businesses specializing in LAN and WAN applications. Charlie helped create a county WAN using wireless connectivity with spread spectrum technology. Their primary networking operating system is Microsoft NT with MS Exchange for e-mail applications. Charlie is now working on a GIS (Global Information Systems) server and GEMA (Ga. Emergency Management Agency) systems to help incorporate emergency services for county operations.

Allen Highnote

Graduated from GSSU in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. Allen owns Noteworthy Information System, which officially began while he was in college. Noteworthy specializes in working with very large software systems. Their primary focus is developing and maintaining mission critical applications. They are a small company with a proven record of taking on large projects that range in size from 500-4000 man hours of work. Their staff has over 40 years of combined programming experience and clients range in size from $1 Million to $4 Billion in revenue. Noteworthy focuses on providing custom software development and hosting solutions for mission critical applications running on the internet.” Allen states, “The course work at GSW helped give me an understanding of the technology and business principles that I would need throughout my career. However, the relationships I had with the instructors were what truly helped me the most. These relationships fed my interests in computers and business and gave me the needed skills for managing very large projects and clients”. As a result of Allen receiving our first School Newsletter, he has referred Inland Caregiver Resource Center in San Bernardino, CA, to our very own GSW-i-TECH center for a website development project. Thanks Allen!

Kiel Bass 

Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Georgia Southwestern College in June of 1978. Upon graduation, he acquired a position with Woodgrain Molding, Inc., a then local business. In June of 1990, Kiel received a MASTERS of SCIENCE degree in Computer Information Systems from Georgia Southwestern College. His accounting background and computer skills have allowed Kiel to excel in the development of proprietary software used in business and scientific fields. Since attaining his Masters of Science degree, Kiel has continued to be involved in the PC environment as a warehouse inventory manager, software consultant and lighting consultant. Today, Kiel manages the Applications Engineering group at Cooper Lighting's Customer First Center in Peachtree City, Georgia, the home of Cooper Lighting's division headquarters and the Source, a state of the art lighting and training center. Kiel manages the Applications Engineering group, a staff of approximately 30 people, providing engineering services for all of Cooper Lighting. Five diverse groups provide lighting layouts developed using proprietary lighting software, AutoCAD, Flash 2 product configurator, a web based application, and software development. Kiel's group also handles distribution and support of Luxicon 2, Cooper Lightings lighting software and Cooper Lightings Electronic Catalog. Kiel has attended many seminars such as the Dale Carnegie Course, Lighting Fundamentals in Commercial and Industrial Lighting and Fundamentals of Photometry. Kiel has also taught courses in Dbase III, Basics of Lighting, Ballast Basics, and written many papers on fluorescent lighting. Kiel has also chaired the Computer Advisory Board at South Georgia Technical College and was on the Advisory Board at Staley Middle School in Americus.

Bill Jackson 

Graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science in the Spring of 1991. He is currently the President of Jackson Consulting, Tifton, GA, specializing in computer networks. Bill currently sits on the following boards and committees: Georgia Southwestern Department of Computer Science – Advisory Board; Tiftarea Technical School, Department of Computer Science – Advisory Board; City of Tifton, Fiber Optic Network – Advisory Board; Tift County Foundation for Educational Excellence – Board of Directors. In addition, Bill is also a member of the Tifton Rotary Club and the Tifton / Tift County Chamber of Commerce. Bill is married to Donna Jackson and they have twin boys, Conner and Carter.

Ben Zhou 

Is currently working in Triton Loyalty, Atlanta, as a Tech development manager.  Triton Loyalty is the leading provider of turn-key database, email, and loyalty marketing programs to media companies. Deployed by over 600 leading media brands, Triton Loyalty products are used to increase ratings and web traffic while driving audience database growth and generating direct response for advertisers. Triton Loyalty clients include media properties owned by Clear Channel, CBS Radio, Entercom, Comcast, Belo, Citadel, Tribune, and many others.


Spring 2013

Outstanding Service to the School of Computing & Mathematics

Jiayan Xu

Outstanding Computer Science Undergraduate

Haibo Chen

Fall 2012

Outstanding Service to the School of Computing & Mathematics

Johannes William Boesten

Outstanding Computer Science Undergraduate

Brandon McNutt

Outstanding Computer Science Graduate

William J. Ingram

Spring 2012

Outstanding Computer Science Undergraduate

David Bradshaw

Outstanding Computer Science Graduate

Licheng Zhang

Fall 2011

Outstanding Computer Science Undergraduate

Rustico David

Outstanding Information Technology Undergraduate

Matthew Sartwell

Spring 2011

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Casey Weaver
Cody Weaver

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Bradley Shiver
Tylor Scott Steele (Mathematics)
Xiaolei Men (Mathematics)

Fall 2010

Outstanding Graduate 

Shruti Banga

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Sharon Ramsingh

Spring 2010

Outstanding Graduate 

Matthew Walker

Fall 2008

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

John  T. Wright

Spring 2009

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Arlandus Jamel Coleman

Outstanding Graduate (Mathematics)

Jan William Boesten

Outstanding Undergraduate 

David Earl Decker    

Fall 2008

Outstanding Graduate 

Yu Zhang

Fall 2007

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Katheryn E. Postier

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Richard Brown

Spring 2007

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Bryan Kenneth Anderson
Cedrick Samuel Palmer 

Outstanding Graduate 

Ben Zhou

Outstanding Undergraduate

Jonathan Thomas Nesbitt
Brandon Sean Fogerty

Fall 2006

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Brian Lee Campbell

Outstanding Graduate 

Cassandra Juana Hall 
Brian Lee Campbell

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Amanda Catherine Higgins  

Spring 2006

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Kristen Simone Cooper

Fall 2005

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Joe-Glen Gittao

Outstanding Graduate 

Mathew Brandon Garner 

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Kurt Elliot Ryan Brown  

Spring 2005

Outstanding Service to Motorola Research Project  

Brian Lee Campbell 

Outstanding Graduate 

Marina Kravtsova Martin

Outstanding Undergraduate 

Jay Edward Gilmore  

Fall  2004

Outstanding Graduate 

Alla A. Yemelyanova

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Kathrina Louise A. Barretto

Spring  2004

Outstanding Graduate 

Sasikala Devi Einstein

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

William Royce Hackett

Fall  2003

Outstanding Graduate 

Cynthia Louise Cantrell

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Ekachai Sathapananon

Spring  2003

Outstanding Graduate 

Joao Paulo Cabral Clementi
Octavia Alvita Rittenberry

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Chellu Pradeep

Fall  2002

Outstanding Graduate 

John H. Reed
Sandie Jocelyne Charmeteau

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Beverly Ann Carroll

Spring 2002

Outstanding Graduate  

Luis Bravo

Fall 2001

Outstanding Graduate 

Royce Hackett
Milin Patel

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

William Goforth

Spring 2001

Outstanding Graduate 

Carlo Brantly
Luis Bravo
Elizabeth Penzien

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Nikki West

Fall 2000

Web auditing contest Award 

Elizabeth Penzien
Sam Faust

Outstanding Service to the School of Computer and Information Sciences 

Arvind Shah
Mamadou Kane
Monique Daniels

Spring 2000

Outstanding Graduate 

Joao Paulo Cabral Clementi


Upsilon Pi Epsilon

The mission of Upsilon Pi Epsilon is to recognize academic excellence in the computing and information sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the computing sciences. GSW is home to the Georgia Eta chapter of UPE.


My State My Country

Students from many countries are enrolled in various degree programs at GSW. This brings to us the multi-cultural environment. Department of Computer Science, School of Computing and Mathematics, organizes one presentation each semester entitled “My State, My Country” with the aim to learn about other states and countries of the world. Dr. Alexander Yemelyanov coordinates this event. Below is the list of seminars presented since 2002.

  • State of Georgia, USA  – November 2013
  • Nicaragua–- April 2013
  • Japan – November 2012
  • The Grenadines  – March 2012
  • St Vincent  –  March  2012
  • Uzbekistan – November 2011
  • Nepal – March, 2011
  • Education in India  – November 2010
  • Nigeria – April 2010
  • Mali –- April 2009
  • India – November 2009
  • Vietnam – November 2008
  • Republic of Korea (South Korea) – March 2008
  • Bulgaria – September 2007
  • China  – April 2007
  • Mexico – November 2006
  • Thailand  – November 2006
  • China –  April 2006
  • Republic of Korea (South Korea) – October 2005
  • Japan – November 2004
  • Iceland – October 2003
  • Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) – 2002


Crawford Wheatley Hall

The Department of Computer Science is located in the Crawford Wheatley Hall which provides the department with a 17,500 Square Feet facility for classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, offices for faculty, office for the secretary, student lounge, and workroom. The facility is adequate to support the instructional mission and methods for the department.

Faculty Offices

Faculty offices are located on the second floor. Faculty offices are equipped with computers connected to the campus network, Internet access, and telephone. The school has recently replaced faculty computers with the new generation of computers. The printing requirements for faculty are met with laser quality printers and a high quality color printer. A high quality scanner is placed in the faculty area. The department is further equipped with a copier and fax machines.

State-of-the-art computer facility

Starting from Fall 2012, the School of Computing and Mathematics adopted a new approach to satisfy needs of the school's students and faculty members. The two main components of such approach are:

  • dedicated network connectivity to USG PeachNet which is separated from the main GSW campus network
  • A set of powerful computing resources (servers, routers, switches) which allow to organize a well structured, feature-rich computing infrastructure.

This computing infrastructure is based on virtualization technology which makes it flexible and scalable by design. It has enough computing  resources to run private virtual workstations for all faculty members of the school as well as for all graduate students.. Moreover, the infrastructure is associated with a recognizable domain name,, and hosts several application servers including the school's Document Management System (DMS).

Click here to see the top-level network layout.


There are three classrooms (CWH 101, CWH104, and CWH 221). Each class can accommodate 35 students. Each classroom is equipped with overhead projection systems; and access to the campus network including internet access. The classroom CWH 101 and CWH 221 are also equipped with computers. These computers are networked with the campus wide network. The other two classrooms are CWH 202, which is used for networking classes and CWH 214 for security classes. Since all the classes are held in the same building, students have easy access to the professor for discussions and consultation.

Computing Laboratories

The Department of Computer Science has five academic computing labs, and a dedicated server room. The computing labs are: open lab (CWH 102), Networking lab (CWH 202), Security lab (CWH214), Multi-media lab (CWH 107). The total number of desktop computers in the school is approximately 140. These computers are served by several servers (Windows 7/2003/2008, Unix). These servers support academic programs by providing access to software programs like compilers, databases, design and development tools, etc..

Each student has adequate and reasonable access to the systems needed for each course. The Open Lab (CWH102) is available every day Monday-Thursday and is open for approximately 40 hours per week. The other Open Labs (Academic Resource Center, Library, and other labs on the university campus) are also available. s

Software Support

The Department of Computer Science has a rich source of software available to students and faculty. In addition, there are commonly available university wide licensed software programs. The  department is a member of Microsoft Academic Alliance, IBM Academic Alliance, VMWare Academic Program, and EMC Academic Alliance. Some programs are purchased by the department or received as a donation, e.g. the 15 licenses for the Liquid XML Studio from Liquid-Technologies Ltd. 

For more information contact:

  • Dr. Arvind Shah - Microsoft Academic Alliance
  • Dr. Simon Baev - VMWare Academic Program and EMC Academic Alliance
  • Dr. Alexander Yemelyanov - IBM Academic Alliance

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