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If you need help with filling out/understanding these forms, please stop by the Student Government Association Office on the third floor of the Student Success Center.


The Student Government Association sets forth these guidelines to determine the funding of student organizations and their activities. The use of Student Activities Fees will be granted to the requesting organization after the proposal is measured against these standards.

  1. We will consider funding activities or events which are not:
  2. religiously affiliated
  3. politically affiliated
  4. closed to the general student population
  5. We will prefer not to fund community service projects sponsored by individual organizations.
  6. We will not fund activities or events that are related to recruitment.
  7. We will consider funding activities of academic related organizations. However, we prefer the organization seek funds from academic departments prior to requesting funds from SGA.
  8. Any student organization applying for Activities Funds should meet all standards of Article XVII of the Students Rights and Responsibilities Code as recorded in the current GSW Weathervane. The Advisor of the group should be prepared to answer questions concerning this article as they relate directly to the organization involved.
  9. The Student Government Association reserves the right to use the guidelines as a basis for use of Activity Funds. The Student Government is not limited to these as reasons to or not to fund an activity by an organization.
  10. The funding request procedures of the Student Government Association will be as follows:
  11. Funding requests will be presented on the last Thursday of every month. Funding Request Forms will be received in the Student Government Office until 4:00 PM on the presentation date. Organizations requesting funding will be invited to present by the SGA President.
  12. Each Funding Request will be reviewed by the SGA Budget Committee after the Funding Request Presentation and prior to the vote on SGA Funding. The SGA Budget Committee will provide SGA with a recommendation on funding at the SGA Funding meeting.
  13. SGA will meet on the first Thursday of every month to vote on any Funding Request.
  14. On Presentation Day, all SGA members are required to wear business attire to the meeting. No jeans, shorts, or other casual wear will be allowed.
  15. On Funding Day, all SGA members are required to wear their SGA shirts.
  16. Conference funding guidelines are as follows:
  17. To receive funding, the organization must be a recognized student organization and the conference must benefit the student body in some meaningful way, such as providing training, networking opportunities, education, or promotion of the university.
  18. Funding for all conferences will follow the same formula.
  19. 50% of total cost, not exceeding $800, will be covered by SGA.
  20. No other additional funds will be provided for lodging, transportation, etc.
  21. Funding is contingent on the organization attending the conference.
  22. SGA reserves the right to fund all, partially, or none of the Conference Funding Request in accordance with Sections I and II.
  23. The Student Government Association Funding Guidelines are to be voted on for approval at the beginning of every SGA administration.


  • Samantha Price
    • Hometown: Moultrie, Ga
    • Classification: Senior
    • Major: Human Resource Management

From the President's Desk

SGA President Samantha Price

Welcome and congratulations to all Hurricanes. We, the community of Georgia Southwestern State University, have been anticipating your arrival. Each of you will bring a new face, a new skill and a new opportunity to help make our campus a better place. I strongly encourage you to find yourself and join one of our many campus organizations. Campus Organizations will help you make friends, challenge your skills and give you the ability to become an important contributor to the GSW community.

I would like to offer you this very important piece of advice: your experience at this university is primarily controlled by you. There are so many opportunities at GSW that will allow you to expand your knowledge and your horizons, but you must be the first to take the initiative. The students before us have paved a road of excellence, and now we are looking to you to continue on this road. You are the future of GSW, and I believe that you can take our university to new heights!

If the Student Government Association can be of any service, feel free to come to any of our meetings held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Student Success Center (SSC) Conference Rooms, or feel free to stop by our office on the 3rd floor of the SSC.


Vice Presidents

  • Maegan Pierce, Academic Affairs
    • Hometown: Doerun, GA
    • Classification: Senior
    • Major: English - Professional Writing and Business Management

  • Adrian Jean-Phhilippe, Student Affairs
    • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
    • Classification: Senior
    • Major: Accounting


  • Mallory Holley
    • Hometown: Cordele, GA
    • Classification: Junior
    • Major: Special Education
    • Minor: Psychology


  • Bryce Benton
  • Kennedy Cann
  • Madi Fultz
  • Jamie Gesslein
  • Anthony Hand, Jr.
  • JoLee Henson
  • Akiebia Hicks
  • Scott Jacobs
  • Tatum Shivers
  • Johnathon Simmons
  • Jeff Taylor
  • Deontae Wilkerson
  • Ashley Woodson


  • Ashton Treadway
  • Alexa Whitaker


  • Dr. Jason Berggren, Political Science Professor
  • Dr. Helen Tate, Associate Vise President for Academic Affairs

About Us

The Student Government Association of Georgia Southwestern State University exists to represent the interests of the Student Body. Elections are held in the Spring of every year.Throughout the year, the Student Government sponsors a number of events intended to benefit the campus and community. We also assist in the funding of several organizations on campus.Ultimately, we are here to serve the Student Body. If you have any questions or concerns about anything going on around campus, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist if possible.  Click here to view the Student Government Association Constitution.


We the students of Georgia Southwestern State University, in order to promote a college wide atmosphere for intellectual growth, high standards of conduct, university spirit; to stimulate common understanding and cooperation between the students and faculty/ administration; to protect the right and principles of the individual standards; and to govern the student body, do establish and submit the constitution.

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