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Define Yourself

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Being a RA provides opportunities to develop valuable leadership and communication skills, to shape an environment that supports students' academic and personal development, to make friends that will last a lifetime, and to define yourself!

The RA position is extremely important to the Department of Residence Life. We want to ensure RAs have the skills, interests, and experiences that will help them thrive in this challenging and enjoyable position.

Selection decisions are based on information from the application, the time spent in the RA Leadership class, the interview process, and references. Solely filling out the application does not guarantee that a candidate will be selected for the RA class or the RA role.


Important Dates
October 13                    Applications Available                
November 2, 9pm          Resume Workshop in Oaks 1      
November 3, 8pm          Resume Workshop in Oaks 2
November 19, 5pm        Applications Due                      
December 1                  Notification of Placement in RA Class

Information Sessions Dates/Locations
Oaks 1 Info Session      October 13, 8pm
Oaks 2 Info Session      October 13, 8:30pm
Pines Info Session         October 19, 8pm
Magnolia Info Session    October 19, 8:30pm
MSC Info Table             October 19, 27, 11am-1pm
MSC Info Table            November 4,12, 11am-1pm

Click here to apply to be a RA for the 2016-2017 academic year!

For more information contact Residence Life Coordinator Jill Hohnecker


Housing Office

Phone: 229-931-2375

Fax: 229-931-2835


Residence Life Staff

Jason Collins
Housing Coordinator
Location: Student Success Center Office 3441
Phone: 229-931-2903
Courtney Harmon
Residence Hall Director
Location: SW Pines Office
Phone: 229-931-4608
Jill Hohnecker
Residence Life Coordinator
Location: SW Oaks Office
Phone: 229-931-3195
Maegan Pierce
Residence Hall Director
Location: SW Magnolia Office
Phone: 229-928-1380
Jason Wicker
Director of Residence Life
Location: SSC 3435
Phone: 229-931-2706
Queron Wynne
Desk Assistant Coordinator
Location: SSC 3437
Phone: 229-931-2375

The 10, 15, and unlimited meals per week plans include unlimited seconds in the dining hall and Flex Cash that may be spent in the Chick-Fil-A, Boar's Head, Java City coffee shop, or in our on-campus convenience store.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Semester Rates

Meal Plans Available to All Students
(Residents that have not earned 60 credit hours are required to have one of the options below.)

  • 10 Meals per week + $425 flex dollars ($1653)
  • 15 Meals per week + $375 flex dollars ($1748)
  • Unlimited Meals per week + $275 flex dollars ($1830)

Meal Plans Available to Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students Only
(Residents that have earned 60 credit hours are required to choose one of the options listed above or one of the following plans.)

  • Block Plans (Optional)
    • 25 Meals + $225 flex dollars ($410)
    • 40 Meals + $225 flex dollars ($510)
  • Dining Dollar Only Plan
    • $400 flex dollars ($400)

Meal Plan Information


First-time GSW Freshmen Students

We are excited that you will be joining our Georgia Southwestern Family! A housing packet will be mailed to you from our Admissions Office once you are accepted. If you have questions, regarding the process or mail outs, feel free to contact them. 

First time SGSC Freshmen Students

We are excited that you would like to live on campus at Georgia Southwestern! The housing information will be sent to you from the SGSC Entry Program Office once you have been accepted. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Exemption from Residency

All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus.  If you wish to live off campus and meet the exemption requirements listed below, please submit a 2015-16 Exemption from Residency Form.

  • I will be 21 years of age prior to August 31 of the next academic year.
  • I am married.
  • I have a child who lives with me.
  • I will be living with my parents and commuting from within a 50 – mile radius.

Upperclassmen, Transfer, and Graduate Students

Please submit an Upperclassmen Housing Application to ensure you get the room you want.  

Non – Retuning Residents

If you are graduating or not returning to GSW, please submit a Non - Returning Form in order to receive your deposit.

Meningitis Form

All residential students must also submit a Meningitis Form.

Housing Appeal

If you have already filled out a housing contract and would like to appeal your obligation to it, please submit an Appeal of Housing Obligation Form.

Checking Out of the Residence Halls

If a student is withdrawing from the university or has an emergency and needs to check out of the residence halls the student must complete the General Check-out Packet and submit all paperwork to the Office of Residence Life located on the 3rd floor of the Student Success Center.

If I damage something how will I be charged? 

Depending on the severity of the damages, money from your housing deposit will be removed or a hold will be placed on your account. 

How do I change rooms or transfer halls? 

If space permits and depending on the legitimacy of the reason for relocating, a room change request form must be completed and submitted to your hall director.

What do I need to bring on move in day? 

Check the Residence Life home page, there is a link with items that you may bring to make your stay more enjoyable.

What is the decoration policy? 

You may decorate, but decorate at your discretion. NO HOLES OR PAINT ON WALLS. If walls are severely damaged you will be CHARGED!!

Where can I eat on campus? 

GSW has several locations where students can purchase meals. In addition to the cafeteria, the Java City coffee shop and a campus convenience store are located in the Marshall Student Center. Also, recently our Canes Den, located in the Student Success Center, has been transformed by the opening of a Chick-Fil-A/Boar's Head franchise. Learn more by visiting our Dining Services webpage.

How do I get a parking permit? 

After your student tuition has been paid for, you will be able to pick your parking permit from campus safety.

What If I need special accommodations? 

At GSW we have rooms that are designed for those that may need special accommodations. Our department takes consideration for all residents to make their stay more comfortable.

What is the alcohol policy? 

GSW is not a dry campus, therefore; alcohol is allowed for those of the legal age.

Where can I smoke? 

Along with all other University System of Georgia institutions, GSW is now a tobacco-free campus. Use of any/all forms of tobacco products is prohibited on campus.

Are pets allowed? 

Fish that can survive in a ten gallon or less tank are the only permitted pets on campus. All other species are prohibited on campus, even if they can survive in a ten gallon tank.

Is there public transportation? 

GSW provides students with the GSW Shuttle that leave campus several times a day to take students to predestined locations.

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