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  1. Charge

    The Data Governance Committee is responsible for defining and managing implementation of the policies and procedures for the data governance and management functions at Georgia southwestern State University (GSW). The Data Governance Committee shall advise the Banner Steering Committee regarding the collection, maintenance, and utilization of cross-divisional data in Banner and other enterprise systems. The Data Governance Committee will also record and maintain documentation as related to data standards and serve as a resource in addressing system requests related to institutional data standards.

  2. Function

    1. The Data Governance Committee shall receive suggestions, recommendations, inquiries, and proposals regarding the standardization of data from the Banner Steering Committee, faculty, staff, administrators and governance groups from within the campus community.
    2. The Data Governance Committee shall discuss data issues and establish guidance on the standardization of data.
    3. It shall be the function of the committee to recommend if proposals received should be considered, amended, accepted or rejected.
    4. The committee shall document standards for cross-divisional data maintained in Banner and other major enterprise systems and communicate those standards to the Banner Steering Committee.
    5. On occasion, the Data Governance Committee may be specifically requested to research and consider particular information technology matters and report its finding to the Banner Steering Committee.
    6. In the performance of its duties, the Data Governance Committee shall have the option of soliciting information and assistance from such campus offices or groups as may be appropriate. The Committee may commission necessary subcommittees in order to complete its charge.
    7. The Data Governance Committee is chartered by Banner Steering Committee. The Committee is an advisory group, not a policy making body. The Data Governance Committee shall maintain meeting minutes. The Chair of the Data Governance Committee shall attend and provide a Committee Report at each Banner Steering Committee.

  3. Membership

    1. Data Trustees:
      • VP Academic Affairs
      • Athletic Director
      • VP Business and Finance
      • VP Enrollment Management
      • Chief Information Officer
      • VP Student Affairs
      • Director University Relations
    2. Data Stewards - Appointed from the following divisions as appropriate
      • Academic Affairs
      • Athletics
      • Business and Finance
      • Enrollment Management
      • Information and Instructional Technology
      • Student Affairs
      • University Relations
    3. Banner Database Administrator
    4. Library representative
    5. Human Resources representative
    6. Institutional Research representative
    7. Faculty representative

  4. Data Governance Committee Chair

    The chair of the Data Governance Committee is appointed by the president and is eligible to serve with no term limit. The chair shall convene all meetings, set the agenda, cast a vote on all motions, and arrange the taking and reporting of minutes. No less than one committee meeting shall be convened each calendar quarter.

  5. Terms

    Member terms shall be one year with no term limit.

  6. Meeting Times

    Meeting times will be established by the committee to accommodate the schedules, including class schedules, of as many members as possible.

Approved by the Banner Steering Committee: November 4, 2015

 The GSW Computer Incident Response Team is charged with investigation and coordination of incidents where sensitive institutional or personal data is suspected to have been compromised. Serious computer incidents involving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information technology assets must be reported to the GSW Computer Incidence Response Team (CIRT).

In the event that sensitive and confidential information was compromised, the leader of the CIRT for that incident in conjunction with the other team members will file a report with the Campus Information Security Officer of the incident detailing the date, time, actions taken and any other pertinent observations. The CIRT will follow the guidelines of the University System of Georgia Incident Response Plan (Appendix D of the GSW Security Plan and the USG IT Handbook).

The GSW CIRT will meet at least every April and every October starting in April of 2014. The CIRT will elect a chair and a secretary for a term of one year. There are currently no term limits. The team is composed of:

  • Public Safety Representative
  • Network Administrator
  • University Relations Director
  • IIT Computer Lab Manager
  • GSW Systems Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • GSW IIT Coordinator
  • Human Relations Director
  • Registrar
  • Comptroller

Additional subject matter experts may be enlisted by the chair as part of an investigation. CIRT procedures are described in Section 7.2 of the GSW Campus Acceptable Use Policy and in the GSW It Incident Response Plan.


The GSW IT Compliance Leader Team consists of campus leaders from units across the entire campus. The purpose of this team is to build a culture of awareness for procedures, standards, and guidelines for information technology at Georgia Southwestern State University.

The essential procedural components that each USG participant organization must follow to meet the statutory or regulatory requirements of the State of Georgia, Board of Regents policy mandates, and the federal government IT policies are set forth in the University System of Georgia IT Handbook.

The IT Compliance Leader Team is charged with meeting to review the USG IT Handbook in order to provide a broader understanding of the USG policies, procedures, statutes, and regulations that guide the information technology operations at GSW.

The CIO is responsible for updating the membership of the IT Compliance Leader Team. Members can serve without term limits.

IT Compliance Leader Team members:

  • Academic Affairs – Associate Vice President*
    • Administrative Assistants:
      • Science Departments
      • Theater, Communication & Media Arts
      • Visual Arts
      • School of Business
      • Psychology/Sociology
      • School of Nursing
      • School of Computing and Mathematics
      • School of Arts and Sciences
      • School of Education
      • English and Modern Languages
    • Academic Tech Support
      • School of Business
      • School of Nursing
    • Faculty IT Steering Committee Member*
  • Academic Center for Excellence, Director
  • Admissions, Assistant Director*
  • Athletics, Associate Director
  • Alumni Affairs, Director
  • Auxiliary Services, Director*
  • Business Office, Comptroller*
  • Canes Card Manager
  • Career Services, Director
  • Chief Information Officer*
  • Continuing Education
  • Counseling Services, Director
  • Disability Services, Director
  • Distance Learning and Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • English Language Institute, Director
  • Executive Assistant to the President
  • Financial Aid, Director
  • GSW Foundation, Director
  • Golf and Conference Center, Director
  • Health Center, Director
  • Human Resources, Director*
  • Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Director
  • Institutional Research, Director
  • Library Services, Dean
  • Materials Management, Administrative Services Coordinator
  • Physical Plant, Coordinator of Office Services
  • Physical Plant, Director
  • Post Office Supervisor
  • Public Safety, Director
  • Purchasing, Director
  • Registrar*
  • Residence Life, Director
  • Rosalynn Carter Institute, Executive Director
  • Assistant Dean of Students*
  • South Georgia State College Entry Program, Director
  • University Relations, Director*
  • Two Student Representatives (appointed by SGA)

* IT Steering Committee Member

 The GSW Information Technology Steering Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the GSW IT strategic plan. The committee also serves as the GSW security governance committee, focusing on the protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of GSW information technology resources.

The GSW Information Technology Steering Committee is composed of the following:

  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Assistant Dean of Students
  • Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Auxiliary Services Director
  • Registrar
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Comptroller, Business and Finance Department
  • Faculty Representative
  • Human Resources Director
  • University Relations Director
  • Executive Assistant to the President
  • SGA President or Alternate

Members of the IT Steering Committee will be appointed by the president with no term limits. The faculty representative is appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs. The GSW Chief Information Officer is responsible for updating the membership of the Information Technology Steering Committee as directed by the president. 

The GSW Information Technology Steering Committee meets on the last Thursday of every month. 

 The IT Steering Committee was established on 10/15/2013. 

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