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Application to the MSN degree, MSN certificates, and FNP Program should be made through the university office of Graduate Admissions

This site is only for additional information regarding the consortium (GICGNE) between Georgia Southwestern and Columbus State University and how it is related to the curriculum and requirements of the degree.

Best Online Colleges 2016

Top-Masters-in-Healthcare-Administration-Best-Schools-2016 (AC Online), leading resource for online learning college affordability information, has released its third annual ranking for the 2015-2016 Best Online Nursing Programs.   We are proud that our RN-BSN and MSN Online programs are on their list! 

 The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) consists of three degree tracks, two certificate tracks, and one program – all on-line programs of study.  The 36-44 hour programs prepare professional registered nurses for advanced practice nursing roles as culturally competent educations, leaders, informaticists, or family nurse practitioners. The Georgia Intercollegiate Consortium for Graduate Nursing Education (GICGNE) is a consortium between Georgia Southwestern State University and Columbus State University offering the master’s programs in nursing.  The master's degree in nursing and post-graduate APRN certificate at Georgia Southwestern State University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (, and approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing.

The consortium allows students to enjoy resources from both schools by use of faculty for instruction and university resources each semester.  A student who applies and is accepted to Georgia Southwestern will receive their degree from Southwestern; and vice versa for CSU. 

All theory (didactic/lecture) courses are offered online via GOVIEW online platform.  The clinical requirements (preceptorship, practicum internship) in the curriculum will not be online.  Preceptors for these experiences will be arranged in the student's locale whenever feasible.  The student and preceptor in a clinical course must hold licensure as a registered nurse in the state in which the clinical experience will be provided and will comply with the Board of Nursing's regulations regarding placement.

  •   Nursing Educator
  •   Nursing Leadership/Management
  •   Nursing  Informatics
  •   Certificate in Nursing Education
  •   Certificate in Nursing Informatics
Application deadlines for the MSN degree tracks and certificates (excludes FNP):
Spring Admission Fall Admission
Preferred: October 15 Final: November 15 Preferred: March 15 Final: April 15
  • Family Nurse Practitioner Program 

    FNP - Fall admission only: Preferred deadline- MARCH 15  Final deadline - APRIL 15

Progression for MSN Tracks and Progression for FNP Program
The MSN tracks can be completed in two academic years, or four semesters of full-time study (9 credit hours per semester).  Students are expected to complete the program of study within a seven (7) year period, but are encouraged to complete all courses in their selected track as quickly as their schedule allows.  All requirements including course work at GSW and CSU, transfer credit and transient credit course work, must be completed within 7 calendar years from the date of initial enrollment in course work without regard to the initial admission status and without regard to credit hours earned.  To remain in good academic standing, degree candidates must maintain a "B" (3.0) average.  Only two courses with a "C" or better will count toward the degree.

The Family Nurse Practitioner Program focus is to provide the academic knowledge and clinical skills necessary for health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, and management of common acute and chronic. illnesses.  The program consists of 44 semester hours, all online.  It also requires 765 clinical hours, which will be completed in facilities and preceptors that have been approved by the FNP Program Coordinators.  Through the consortium, FNP full time students can complete the program in 5 semesters.  

If you would like to know more about any of the MSN tracks or FNP program please contact: 

Dr. Bonnie Simmons at or call 229-931-2281.

GICGNE Mission

MSN and FNP Program Outcomes

FNP Handbook Fall 2015  

MSN Education Full Time Schema
MSN Education Part-time Schema
MSN Education Post Masters Certificate
FNP Full Time Schema
FNP Part-time Schema
MSN Informatics Full Time Schema
MSN Informatics Part-time Schema
MSN Health Care Informatics Certificate Schema
MSN Leadership Full Time Schema
MSN Leadership Part-time Schema

Mailing Address

Georgia Southwestern State University Drive
School of Nursing
800 Georgia Southwestern State University Drive
Americus, Georgia 31709

Physical Location

Georgia Southwestern State University
Building: Rosalynn Carter Health and Human Sciences Complex
Room: 120
Phone: 229.931.2275
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Appointments Welcome!

If you would like to visit the School of Nursing, please feel free to do by scheduling an appointment. Campus wide tours are conducted by the Office of Admissions on Preview Day and STORM Day and also by appointment. Please contact the Office of Admissions at 229-928-1273 regarding all campus tour information.

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Where is the GSW Nurse? We want to know how GSW nursing alumni are impacting the community. Send us your stories and pictures to with subject heading "Where is the GSW Nurse?"

GSW School of Nursing alumni is now on Facebook.

The School of Nursing encourages the Alumni to become an active part of its Recruitment Team.

Alumni are ask to assist the School in recruiting high school students, transfer students, LPN's, ASN prepared RN's and graduates from other disciplines who are interested in making a career change to nursing.

The University hosts several recruitment events throughout the year and your presence at these events could be all the inspiration that an aspiring student needs to reaffirm that Georgia Southwestern is the school for them. To find out more about becoming a part of the recruitment team, contact our Student Services Coordinator at  

Sandra bSandra Daniel, PhD, RN, PNP
Dean and Professor
Tel: 229-931-2280
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 148
Bonnie Simmons jdBonnie Simmons, PhD, RN
Graduate Program Chair/Assessment Director
Tel: 229-931-2281
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 144
Teresa Teasley jdTeresa Teasley, DNP, RN
Undergraduate Program Chair
Fuller E. Callaway Professorial Chair
Tel: 229-931-2289
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 145
Lynn0001Lynn Bailey
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 229-931-2275
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 146
Paula Bryant jdPaula Bryant, MSN, RN
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 229-931-2282
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 142
Jo Ann jd2Jo Ann Davis
Student Services Coordinator
Tel: 229-931- 2239
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 126
Michelle Dykes jdMichelle Dykes, EdD, BSN
Assistant Professor
Tel: 229-931-2605
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 153
Becky old picBecky Gee, MSN, RN, CWOLN
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 229-931-2283
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 141
Dreena Hoffman  jdDreena Hoffman
SURGE Advisor
Tel: 229-931-2662
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 225
Joy Humphrey jdJoy Humphrey, DNP, RN
Assistant Professor
Tel: 229-931-2607
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 143
Liz Kelly jdLiz Kelly
Career Counselor
Tel: 229-931-2032
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 227 
Heather Kemp jdHeather Kemp, BSN, RN
Clinical Lecturer
Tel: 229-931-4303
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 257
Michele Ragsdale jdMichele Ragsdale, MSN, RN
Tel: 229-931-4615
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 150
Jayme Roseth jdJayme Roseth, MSN, RN
Tel: 229-931-4468
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 224
Mary Ann Shepherd jdMary Anne Shepherd, DNP, MPH, FNP-Bc
Assistant Professor
Tel: 229-931-2241
FAX: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 135
Rhonda Slocumb jdRhonda Slocumb, MSN, RN
Tel: 229-931-2603
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 152

Jessica OuztsJessica Ouzts, BSN, RN
Clinical Service Manager
Tel: 229-931-2604
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 234

Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith, MSN, NP-C
FNP Clinical Instructor
Tel: 229-931-6915
Fax: 229-931-2288
Office: SON Rm. 134

General FAQs

How many applications are typically received and how many are admitted each semester?

The BSN Program is a competitive application process with acceptance rates varying yearly due to various factors. Applicants who meet all of the eligibility requirements will be fairly considered for acceptance.

What's the employability and salary rate for nurses?

Upon successfully passing the nursing board exam (NCLEX), most nurses will have a 100% employability rate. The pay scale varies due to the location you will work in and shifts you choose to work, but an average pay is approximately $50,000 per year. If you work in a larger hospital or work the less desirable shifts (i.e. weekends or holidays) your pay could be as much as approximately $70,000 per year.

What is the difference in getting a two year degree in Nursing (ASN/ADN) and a four year degree in Nursing (BSN)?

An individual who completes two years of study at a community college has earned an Associate (this means two year degree) of Science in Nursing (ASN) or an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). These nurses are allowed to take boards to become a "RN" but lack many courses that are required of our four year Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. Many health care institutions require the BSN for employment or require nurses who are educated at the ASN/ADN degree to return to complete the BSN.

I am an international student. Would I be eligible for the nursing program?

Contact the Office of Admissions 229-928-1273. An international admissions specialist will be able to assist you with all your questions. Additionally, you may want to view the GSW website for answers to questions for the international student admissions process.

Does GSW have a Masters in Nursing program?

Yes, more information can be found by visiting the Master of Science in Nursing page!

I submitted my application and materials to the School of Nursing, but haven't heard anything. When will I hear back?

Applicants will receive an acknowledgement and checklist letter when their application materials are received in the SON office. Although not required, to guarantee receipt of materials, applicants may want to send materials by certified mail w/receipt request. To follow up please contact Student Services Coordinator: 229-931-2239

How can I find out if the school offers any grants or scholarships?

You may check with Financial Aid and visit the SON website for the many scholarship opportunities that we offer. SON scholarships applications are posted in January and due April 1st.

How much is tuition per credit hour?

Tuition and costs can be found on the Admissions site. If you have additional questions you may contact Student Accounts.

What courses do I need to have prior to applying for the School of Nursing?

Please view the SON website and select a program of study and review the program description and eligibility. If you still need assistance, contact the Student Service Coordinator: 229-931-2239

Do I have to finish all core requirements before I can submit an application?

No, but you must be able to finish all core requirements before the semester in which you are applying to enter the program. You must also indicate the courses in which you are currently enrolled on your application. If you are completing core courses at any college other than GSW, you must also submit an unofficial transcript to the School of Nursing and an official transcript to GSW Admissions Office immediately following completion of your courses and receipt of final grades.

How do I know which courses will transfer?

Refer to Transfer Articulation on Admissions Web Link.

What is the TEAS exam and do I have to take it?

The Test of Essential Academic skills (TEAS V) is a pre-entry test used to evaluate the academic preparedness of students entering the Traditional, 2nd Degree, and LPN-BSN nursing programs. (RN-BSN applicants do not take the TEAS) The TEAS consists of questions in four subtest areas: Math, Science, English, and Reading. For further information and test dates visit the TEAS EXAM Information page.

How will I receive my TEAS test scores?

TEAS Test scores will be available immediately following the test. The applicant will be responsible for submitting a copy of their TEAS Score report to the School of Nursing Student Services Coordinator either by printing his/her scores at the time of testing, or requesting ATI to forward the scores to Georgia Southwestern State University (see drop down selection on test site.) Study Guides containing practice tests are available Online at

I applied last year. Do I have to take the TEAS again?

If your TEAS test is more than two years old from the date you submit your nursing application, you must re-take the TEAS, but it can only be taken a total of 2 times.

Can I take the TEAS again if I don't think I did well?

Yes. However we will not compare multiple test scores. Make sure that you specify the score you want to be considered on your application. A separate testing fee is required per exam.

Can I use a calculator on the TEAS?


I have already taken the TEAS test at another school of nursing. Will GSW accept my results from another school?

Yes. You can print out the TEAS test scores from the test site or request ATI to send them to Georgia Southwestern State University (see drop down selection on test site.)

If I still have questions who can I contact?

You can contact any of our Faculty or Staff members, or send us an email to

2nd Degree BSN Program FAQs

I have a Bachelors degree and am interested in becoming a nurse. Is there a program for me?

You would be eligible for the 2nd Degree BSN Program track which is for students who have a Bachelors degree in a Non-Nursing field. Please review the 2nd Degree Program on our website for a description and eligibility details.

I have taken the following courses. Will they apply to the 2nd Degree Program?

In addition to your Bachelor’s degree, these core courses must be completed prior to starting your first semester as a conditionally accepted nursing student is: Anatomy and Physiology I Anatomy and Physiology II Microbiology Human Growth and Development Statistics (Statistics course does not have to be elementary statistics.)

How many applications are typically received and how many are admitted each semester?

The 2nd Degree BSN Program track is a competitive application process with acceptance rates varying yearly due to various factors. Applicants who meet all of the eligibility requirements will be fairly considered for acceptance.

LPN-BSN Program FAQs

How long is the LPN-BSN program take to complete?

It depends on the amount of courses that the applicant transfers in and what core courses they still need to complete. Student will need to review the LPN-BSN curriculum sheet and Transfer Articulation to see where they stand before transferring. Once officially accepted into the nursing program, the LPN-BSN program may take up to two years to complete. Completion for the LPN-BSN program varies depending on student progression. Traditionally the student may complete the program within two years from full acceptance into the nursing program.

RN-BSN Program FAQs

Is the whole RN-BSN program online?

ALL of your nursing courses are offered online. However, if we do not offer a core course that you need online, then you may complete a transient permission form with your advisor and take the course online with another institution from which we accept credits. If it is a USG (University System of Georgia) college, then we will most likely accept the credit if it is entitled the same and has the same number of credit hours as the comparable course here at GSW.

I have core courses to complete, but I want to apply for the RN-BSN Program?

You may complete some core courses simultaneously with your major online nursing courses.

What does the “Articulation Hours” on curriculum sheet mean?

These are the credit hours that a RN gets credit for completing because they are a registered nurse.

How many clinical hours am I expected to complete with this program?

The RN student should meet with their advisor and/or Clinical Services Manager to develop an individual Model Plan of Study. The courses that have a clinical will be identified. NURS 3200 Health Assessment: Clinical hours may be done in 2-4 hour increments (total of 30 hours of clinical time). NURS 4400 Community Health: May occur in a public health facility, hospice and/or a school (approx. 70 hours at the clinical sites). Approx. 20 hours of other educational projects are required for clinical. Total 90 clinical hours. NURS 4900 Practicum: Taken AFTER all core completed. Requires 135 hours in a nursing unit other than where the student is employed.

Where can I complete my clinicals?

Your RN-BSN advisor will work with you to facilitate this opportunity. Some courses require a precepted clinical experience. Preceptor should be BSN prepared and have worked in area of nursing where preceptorship occurs for one year. The student is responsible for arranging their precepted experiences. The clinical services coordinator will facilitate this process by ensuring that required contracts are in place between facilities. It is imperative to contact the Clinical Services Manager well in advance of taking a clinical course if there is a possibility that a new contract must be initiated. New facility contracts may take up to 8 weeks to finalize. For additional questions contact Jessica Ouzts, 229-931-2604 or

How long does the RN-BSN program take?

The program may be completed in as little as one year to two years. An extension up to five years can be granted in some circumstances. The program length varies with the number of core courses that must be taken as well as the time the student has for class work if working. That is why the program is designed as an online program.

I have all of my core course requirements completed and want to finish the RN-BSN program in one year. What should I do?

The student must enter the program Summer semester to finish in one year. If entering Fall or Spring, it normally takes at least four semesters to finish. A Model Plan of Study should be developed with your advisor that will best fit your needs.

How many Nursing courses are required for the RN-BSN Program?

5 Non-Clinical Courses and 2 Clinical Courses, and Practicum

Where can I find out who my academic advisor is?

Advisors should be listed when you log in to the RAIN account under your academic transcript.

I want to register for classes. How do I do this?

Check the dates on the academic calendar on the GSW Homepage link for pre-registration and contact your advisor during these times.

How will my professors contact me?

Check your radar email frequently – radar email is the official email of the GSW campus. Your faculty of instruction may contact you prior to course beginning through your radar email address

I am an RN-BSN student graduating soon. What do I need to do before Graduation?

The RN-BSN student must apply for graduation when one-half of their NURSING courses are complete. The application fee must be paid before the application is reviewed. Contact GSW Student Accounts to pay fee. Deadlines for graduation applications are posted on the University Academic Affairs Calendar. Nursing pins, graduation caps, and gowns may be ordered through the GSW bookstore one semester before the student plans to graduate.

MSN Program FAQs

Who are MSN students?

The Georgia Southwestern State University MSN program will appeal primarily to registered nurses who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and have a desire to continue their career interests in either nursing education or nursing leadership/management. Work experience as a registered nurse is preferred but not required.

Why choose the Georgia Southwestern MSN program?

The MSN program at Georgia Southwestern allows you to focus on Nursing Education, Nursing Informatics, Leadership/Management in Nursing, or Family Nurse Practitioner. The program at Georgia Southwestern allows for the flexibility of an online program. You can study at home, but not alone.

Can I complete the entire MSN program online?

All courses are 100% online. All the students enrolled in the class and the faculty member will be online at the same time for discussions and presentations. They will be able to see each other utilizing web cams and speak to each other via headsets. The number of synchronous sessions is determined by the faculty of each course. Faculty members can be contacted via Skype, email or office phone.

How long does the MSN program take to complete?

The MSN program can be completed in two academic years or four semesters of full-time study of 9 credit hours per term. While part-time and full-time progressions are available, students are expected to graduate within five years and must take a minimum of four classes per academic year.

Will I receive help designing my program?

You will work closely with faculty advisors within your area of concentration when designing your program progression. Required courses for each concentration are identified on the course progression.

Is financial aid available for this graduate program?

Monies may be available from a variety of local, state and federal sources. Federal nurse traineeships are available through the U.S. Division of Nursing. Contact the Department of Nursing for more specific information about traineeships and other financial aid.

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