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I. Personal Information

Providing your Social Security number will facilitate the review of your application for determining tuition classification status and matching your application with other schools records including but not limited to transcripts and financial aid applications.

Other Names
if different from above, or other name(s) that appear on your records

Mailing Address
Address to which all admission correspondence should be mailed

Permanent Address

Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Classification Questions

What is your race?

What is the highest level of education obtained by your parent(s)/guardian(s)?

Place of Birth

II. Enrollment Information

Please Indicate all Colleges Attended

First College

Second College

Third College

Fourth College

Testing Information



III. Tuition Classification

If you have ever lived outside the state of Georgia and now live in Georgia, how long have you continuously lived in the state of Georgia at this time?

If you are a non-resident alien or permanent resident, please complete the remainder of this section, otherwise SKIP to Military Information Section.

(Students participating in Online programs are ineligible for I-20 VISAs)

How long have you lived in the USA?

TOEFL Information

IV. Military Information

If Yes:

If Yes:

Applying as a graduate transient student and registering for classes are easy at Southwestern. Below are the steps to take to apply and register for classes. Transient students should check the class schedule for the class(es) they are needing before applying. We suggest you Check Your Status online as you work through this process.

To Apply:

  • Submit your application with the $25 non-refundable application fee
  • Request an official Letter of Transient Permission to be mailed to us from your current institution.

Once Accepted:

  • Transient Registration dates are as follows (If the date falls on a weekend, registration will begin the following Monday):
    • Fall Semester - July 15th
    • Spring Semester - December 1st
    • Summer Semester - May 15th
  • Beginning on the advertised dates, admitted students will be able to register for classes. You will need the course name and CRN number which can be found by referring to our class schedule. Detailed registration information will be mailed to admitted students prior to their registration date. You must be accepted to Georgia Southwestern before you can register for classes. Please note that admission to Southwestern does not guarantee registration for specific classes. New and continuing Southwestern students have priority registration. If you have questions about your acceptance you may Check Your Status online or contact the Admissions office at 800-338-0082.
  • Contact your home institution to find out about your financial aid options.
  • If you intend to live on our campus, submit your Application for Student Housing with the $50 application fee and the $250 damage deposit. They are mailed to you starting in January or can be printed by clicking here.
  • Submit your immunization form to the GSW Health Center. If you will only be taking online classes then no shots are needed, but the form must still be submitted. There is a  place to indicate online classes only.
  • Submit  if you plan to receive in-state tuition.

Remember to check your status online to see when the above information is completed. If you have any questions about Southwestern or need help with any of the above information, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.


InternationalAdmissionsProcess1.jpgGeorgia Southwestern State University welcomes students from all over the world. We look forward to you becoming part of our academic community. Below are the additional items needed for International Students hoping to complete a graduate degree at Southwestern. The process for students who have never attended a US institution is slightly different than the process for those International students who are currently attending another school in the US. Read and follow the steps carefully. If you need help, please feel free to contact our office at 800-338-0082 or

Printable International Admission Process

  1. Submit your completed application with $25.00 non-refundable application fee, a recent photograph and an immunization form (provided by the University).  To expedite the process, you may submit your graduate application online. You must use a credit card to apply online.
  2. Submit all information needed for the graduate program in which you hope to participate. The following additions or alternations to the process are needed.
  3. Submitting official transcripts:
    • Those currently in the US:
      • Those enrolled or who have completed a degree in a US college, submit official transcripts from each college or technical school attended. If currently enrolled, send preliminary transcript now and final transcript upon completion of term. If you also attended a college outside of the US, follow instructions below for sending college transcripts from schools outside of the US.
    • Those currently outside of the US:
      • Submit official copies of all college transcripts. You must submit certified English translations of original transcripts for each institution attended.   In addition, you must also submit your transcripts to an Evaluation Service and have an original evaluation sent directly to us.  Please send the final evaluation report to:

        Office of Graduate Admission
        800 GSW State University Dr.
        Americus, GA 31709
        United States of America

        We only accept evaluations from Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. and American Association of Collegiate Registrars and the Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

        Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. (preferred)
        International Educational Consultants
        7101 SW 102 Avenue
        Miami, FL 33173
        Phone: (305) 273-1616
        Fax: (305) 273-1338
        Translation fax: (305) 273-1984


        Office of International Education Services 
        American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)
        One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite #520
        Washington, DC 20036-1135
  4. Submit official test scores:
    • If you are attending or have gradated from a secondary school and college outside of the US, submit an official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score report or  IELTS scores. The minimum TOEFL requirement for admission to Georgia Southwestern State University is 523 on the written test, 193 on the computer test, and 69 on the internet based test. The minimum IELTS score is a 6.5 for regular admission. 

No application will be considered until all of the above items and your are received.  All items must be received before the deadline for teh program in which you are applying. If you are accepted to the University, you will be notified by mail or you may check the status of your application at:


Required Academic Transcripts: All documents (each page) must bear the original attestation of the issuing institution. Marksheets must list the name of the course.  U.S. Bachelor’s Equivalency: A three-year bachelor’s degree is not equivalent to the U.S. bachelor’s degree. A four-year bachelor’s degree, a three-year bachelor’s plus a master’s degree, or a three-year’s plus completion of first year of the master’s program from a recognized institution by the Association of Indian University (AIU) or All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) are equivalent to the U.S. bachelor degree.

Once accepted, you must submit the following items before the SEVIS I-20 will be issued to obtain your student VISA. These items can not be dated more the 90 days before the beginning of the semester for which you are admitted.

  1. Submit an official Foreign Student Financial Statement provided by GSW, submit a copy of the Affidavit for Financial Support provided by GSW, and an official letter from the bank or financial institution stating that you and/or your sponsor have available funds. This letter must be written on official color letterhead in English and signed by a bank official showing the date the account was opened, currency used, and amount that is currently in the account. Submit an official conversion of currency to U.S. dollars.
  2. Students transferring/graduating from another institution within the US must submit an Transfer Clearance From provided by GSW.
  3. Students transferring their I-20 from a college or high school in the US must also submit copies of their current I-20, passport, visa, and I-94.

Each international student must obtain and maintain health/accident insurance from the university. Click here to view the rates and additional information about the insurance program or go to our Health Center website..

Upon receipt of the tuition deposit, the SEVIS I-20 will be mailed to the student. Each international student should be aware that they are responsible for locating their own housing during vacation periods and breaks between academic terms if they are not living in one of Southwestern's 12-month residence halls.

PLEASE NOTE: All international students enrolling in Georgia Southwestern State University for the first time are required to have a Tuberculosis screening testing & questionnaire – within 10 days of arrival to the GSW campus. Positive PPD tests are required to have a follow-up chest X-ray within 2 weeks.


Department of English and Modern Language

  • Fall Admission - May 31
  • Spring Admission - October 15
  • Summer Admission - March 15

School of Business Administration

  • Fall Admission - May 15
  • Spring Admission - October 15
  • Summer Admission - March 15

School of Computing and Mathematics

  • Fall Admission - May 31
  • Spring Admission - October 15
  • Summer Admission - March 15

School of Education

  • Summer Admission - April 15

School of Nursing

  • Preferred Deadlines
    • Fall Admission - June 15
    • Spring Admission - October 15
  • Final Deadlines
    • Fall Admission - July 15
    • Spring Admission - November 15

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing is an online degree offered cooperatively by Georgia Southwestern State University (GSW) and Columbus State University (CSU), both fully accredited institutions in the University System of Georgia. This consortium allows students to enjoy resources from both schools. The 36-44 hour programs prepare professional registered nurses for advanced practice nursing roles as culturally competent educators, leaders, informaticists, or family nurse practitioners.

Nursing Education

The nursing education concentration focuses on preparing nurses to facilitate learning in various environments through the application of knowledge in instructional design, curriculum development, technology utilization, and evaluation of learning. The education track has six (6) core courses and six (6) courses concentrating in nursing education. Included in the track is a 3 hour thesis or focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

Nursing Leadership/Management

The leadership concentration focuses on developing nursing leaders who are able to influence, design, mange, transform, and evaluate the evolution of nursing services and care delivery. The leadership track has six (6) core courses and six (6) courses concentrating in nursing leadership. Included in the track is a 3 hour thesis or focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

Nursing Informatics

The informatics concentration focuses on preparing nurses to become proficient in health information technology and essential informatics competencies to function within patient care environments. The informatics track has five (5) core courses and seven (7) courses concentrating in nursing informatics. Included in the track is a 3 hour thesis or focused project. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months.

Family Nurse Practitioner

The focus of the Family Nurse Practitioner program is to provide the academic knowledge and clinical skills necessary for health promotion, disease prevention, assessment, and management of common acute and chronic illnesses. The family nurse practitioner program consists of a total of 44 semester hours, all online. It also requires 765 clinical hours, which will be completed in facilities and with preceptors that have been approved by the FNP Program Coordinators. The clinical sites will be located as close to the student’s geographic residence or local community as possible. Fulltime students may complete the program in 22 months. Also, FNP students will only be accepted during the fall semester.

Admission Requirements

The completed application packet, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions by the deadline for each term. Completed applications that are received by the preferred deadline will be given priority review. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with questions. Applicants may apply for admission any semester.  The procedure for application consists of:

  1. Graduate application for admission
  2. $25.00 nonrefundable application fee
  3. Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
  4. Three letters of reference
  5. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (scores must be within five years prior to application)
  6. Immunization form (before enrollment)
  7. Documentation of Lawful Presence (before enrollment, if applying for in-state tuition)

Regular Admission (without conditions)

To be admitted without condition a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed application for admission and a $25.00 processing fee.
  • Two official copies of transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work previously taken.
  • A baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN) from an regionally accredited college or university and a nationally accredited nursing program (NLNAC or CCNE) with a  minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Official copy of scores earned on the General Test of the Graduate Record Exam(GRE) with an acceptable score. The GRE requirement may be waived for applicants who have earned an advanced degree.
  • Three (3) professional letters of recommendation that comment on the applicant’s potential for success in a graduate academic program.
  • Current unencumbered RN license in the state where clinical course requirements will be met.

Regular Admission (with conditions)

A student failing to meet one or more of the standards required for admission without condition may be eligible for admission with condition for up to one semester under conditions specified at the time of admission, if space in the program is available. Students who fail to make progress under provisional admission will be withdrawn from the program.

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