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    Drug Calculation Test and Remediation Dates for fall 2015 students with clinical assignments:
     Test #1:  Monday, July 6th at 4:30 p.m.     Remediation#1:  Thursday, July 9th at 5:00 p.m.
     Test#2:  Monday, July 13th at 4:30 p.m.     Remediation#2:  Thursday, July 16th at 5:00 p.m.
     Test#3:  Monday, July 20th at 4:30 p.m.


    IMPORTANT INFORMATION!  ALL nursing classes in summer 2015 will begin May 11th and run through July 23rd.  Incoming students for summer 2015 need to be sure to have their CertifiedBackground trackers complete before May 11th. 

    Mandatory orientation for incoming students is Friday, May 15th.

    Uniforms must be ordered through Meridy for incoming students.  If you are on financial aid Pell Grant and plan on it covering the cost of uniforms, be sure to note 3rd Party Billing on your Meridy uniform order form. Information and Forms


    Noncompliant Students Submitting Required Documents Policy  The Clinical Services Manager must submit verification of currency of all required clinical requirements (refer to Pre-Clinical Requirements in Handbook) several weeks in advance to the clinical agency where students will be assigned the following semester. Students who do not complete requirements by the deadline established by the Clinical Services Manager will be removed from all clinical courses in which they are registered for the following semester. The student will not be permitted to enroll in any clinical course the following semester. This will negatively impact the student’s progression in the program. Students who become non-compliant with any clinical requirement during the course of a term will not be able to attend clinicals and thus will be required to withdraw immediately from all clinical courses. If this occurs prior to the last day to withdraw without academic penalty the student may withdraw from the course without academic penalty. If this occurs after the last day to withdraw without academic penalty it will result in a clinical unsatisfactory and failure of the course.

     Revised Drug Calculation Proficiency Examination

    1. Each semester, in which the student has a clinical course, all pre-licensure students must pass a drug calculation proficiency exam at the level of 100% with a maximum of 3 attempts. The tests will be administered on campus beginning 4 weeks prior to the university final examination schedule to test for the next immediate semester.  The test will determine the student’s eligibility to register for courses for the semester immediately following the test(s).  This testing will begin with students completing NURS 3100 and entering NURS 3750. Students who are out of sequence after the completion of NURS 3007 and entering/reentering NURS 3100 will also be required to pass the drug calculation proficiency exam.
    2. If a score of 100% is not earned on the first attempt, the student will be allowed two (2) additional attempts. There will be a minimum of seven (7) days between attempts. If a student does not pass on any attempt he/she must attend mandatory face to face remediation with the identified instructor prior to taking each retake of the drug calculation exam. If the student misses the remediation, he/she will receive a zero for that attempt. If a student misses the test or is late for the designated testing time, the student will not be allowed to test and a zero will be given for that attempt. 
    3. Students utilizing testing services through Student Support Services will be allowed to test with Student Support Services for the drug calculation proficiency test(s).
    4. If the student does not meet the requirement after 3 attempts the student must drop all clinical courses for the following semester. The three attempts count for all clinical courses for the following semester. 
    5. If a student is not successful in three attempts, the student will remediate for the next semester using assigned drug calculation tutorials each week and report to a designated instructor with progress of tutorials. 
    6. Each test will be comprised of 10 items. Students will have 30 minutes to complete each test. Students may use basic, non-programmable calculators during the exams. No food, drinks, pagers or cell phones are allowed during the examination.
    7. Students may also use any tutorial dosage and calculation source available to them as additional resources. 
    8. All tests given for each clinical nursing course except NURS 3007 will contain a minimum of two drug calculation problems. 


     Pre-Licensure Handbook 2014

     RN-BSN Handbook 2015

    For Tutoring, Advising, and Career Counseling visit our SURGE center!

           Additional Tutoring

    You can get free tutoring assistance at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE Building).  There are tutors offered for core classes as well as nursing courses.


    Preparation for Licensure

    All pre-licensure students are required to attend an external NCLEX review course offered by the GSW School of Nursing during the final semester of the nursing program. Students are required to attend ALL review sessions made available by the School of Nursing to satisfactorily meet one component of the NURS 4900: Practicum requirements.

    Application for Licensure by Examination

    Each student is responsible for preparing adequately to take the licensing examination. The School of Nursing will provide information to graduating seniors in preparation for licensure and the procedures to follow for application to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). A list of all Jurisdictions offering the licensure examination is available on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing web site. Candidates should read the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin published by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing before registering and taking the NCLEX. This and other important information is found at <>

    During the final term of the senior year, designated faculty will meet with students to discuss the NCLEX-RN process. Students planning to take the licensure exam in Georgia will find instructions for online application procedures at the Georgia Board of Nursing website Graduation from a nursing program is only one required component of eligibility consideration for taking the licensure exam in a given state.

    Permission to sit for national licensure examination after program completion

    “Students with a prior conviction of a felony, crime involving moral turpitude, DUI or DWI offense during enrollment in the nursing program or within twelve months prior to enrollment, or violation of the controlled substance act or substance abuse related disorder, or who has had a license encumbered in the past may not be allowed to sit for the national licensure examination upon graduation. Graduation from an approved nursing program is but one requisite for applying for licensure.  The jurisdictional Board of Nursing makes the final decision on eligibility” (Retrieved from Georgia Board of Nursing: Frequently Asked Legal Questions).


    Students in the School of Nursing must meet the graduation requirements and application for graduation deadlines found in the Georgia Southwestern State University Undergraduate Bulletin.

    It is the student’s responsibility to submit the completed Application for Graduation to the academic advisor by the first two weeks of the semester proceeding the graduating semester and pay the graduation application fee to the Office of the Registrar by the required date. Students are expected to be aware of and meet all deadlines for graduation.

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