Name: Dr. Chuchu Wu


Title: Associate Professor; Primary Investigator


Telephone: 229-931-2744


Dr. Chuchu Wu serves as Principal Investigator. Dr. Wu has a Ph.D. Degree in Child and Family Studies with specializations in Child Development and Early Childhood Education from Syracuse University. She came to Georgia Southwestern State University as an Assistant Professor in 2005. She currently serves as an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education and teaches junior and senior courses in areas of Curriculum design and Assessment. Dr. Wu’s primary research interest lies in parent-child relations and emergent literacy. She has done many research projects to promote parent-child relations at home, especially early reading and writing, parental beliefs, and parent-child interaction during a storybook reading task. Another new line of her research lies in classroom observation regarding teacher’s beliefs and teaching quality. Her strong knowledge in Child Development and Research Methods will provide insights to help children and families served by this peer-centered learning program. 



Name: Dr. Queen Brown









Title: Associate Professor ; Project Coordinator


Telephone: 229-931-2160


Dr. Queen Brown serves as Project Coordinator.  Dr. Brown came to Georgia Southwestern in 2002 as Assistant Professor of Middle Grades Education in Social Studies and Curriculum and Instruction.  She currently fills the role of Associate Professor of Middle Grades Education and Middle Grades Education Coordinator. In addition to her major assignment, she has achieved numerous publications in School Law, research focusing on the At-Risk African American Male, alternative teaching strategies, interactive teaching strategies, promoting diversity in teaching and the integration of technology into teaching and is responsible for Middle Grades program reporting.  She earned her bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science and Social Science in Education from Georgia Southwestern State University, Education Specialist degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Albany State University and Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Teaching and Learning from Georgia Southern University.