Q. How can I help the Staff Senate with their fundraising efforts?

A. You can certainly donate any amount to the senate or you can purchase a Cane's Cookbook, designed and created by the Staff Senate.  Each cookbook costs $12.00 or you can purchase 2 for $20.00. The books are available in the Campus Bookstore or you can purchase them from the Office of Student Affairs.

Q. I have an issue on campus, How do I contact to get my concern across?

A. You can relay the information to one of our representatives or you can email the Chair personally.

Q. When and where are the meetings?

A. Staff Senate meetings are scheduled for the last Wednesday of every month located on the 3rd floor of the Student Success Center.  Typically these meetings last about an hour and are open to the entire GSW community.

Q. I'm a new staff member here at GSW and would like more information about GSW and the surrounding area.

A. New hires will be presented with a packet of information and a welcome letter from the Staff Senate.  GSW is a great community with wonderful people who want to meet you.  If you would like to meet people quickly, come to our next Staff meeting and introduce yourself.