Constitution of the GSW Retiree Association

1. To serve Georgia Southwestern State University 
2. To promote the welfare of higher education retirees 
3. To provide opportunities for membership social interaction

Eligible for membership are faculty and staff retirees of Georgia Southwestern State 
University and their spouses. Membership is achieved by informing the Association Secretary 
of a desire to be a member and providing contact information. There are no dues or meetings 
of the general membership. Communication will be conducted primarily by e-mail.

Eligible for associate membership are faculty and staff retirees of other institutions of higher 
learning, their spouses, and the surviving spouses of active faculty and staff. Associate 
membership is achieved by informing the Association Secretary of a desire to be an associate 
member and providing contact information.

The activities of the Association will be supervised by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors 
of six to twelve members who will meet at least twice a year. This minimum and maximum 
shall include both the elected officers and the standing committee Chairs mentioned below. 
At the first meeting each calendar year, the Board will elect a Chair and a Vice 
Chair/Secretary for one-year terms. These officers are limited to five successive terms. After 
the lapse of a year, they may again be re-elected. Members of the Board will include the 
Chairs of the standing committees below appointed by the Board. Meetings will be conducted 
by the most current revision of Robert’s Rules of Order.

1. University service committee 
2. Retiree welfare and benefit committee 
3. Social activities committee

By-laws and amendments to this constitution may be made by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

This Constitution was approved by the organizing committee on February 11, 2008.