TO:      All Faculty

FROM:  Brian U. Adler

           Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:  General Faculty Meeting

DATE:  December 1, 2009



                                      General Faculty Meeting

                           Student Success Center, Room 2417

                          Friday, December 4, 2009 – 10:00 A.M.


1.   Call to Order by Gary Fisk

2.   Approval of Minutes of May 1, 2009

3.   Remarks by the President

4.   Remarks from the VPAA/Dean of Faculty

5.   Reports by Committees:

Academic Affairs

Academic Grievances


Business and Finance

Faculty Affairs

Graduate Affairs

Institutional Research

Institutional Review Board

Instructional Technology

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Student Affairs

University and Alumni Relations


6.   New Business

A.   Academic Proposals

(1)  Academic Affairs

(a)  Policy Change – General Degree Requirements - Approved by the Faculty Senate

Based on approved policies and practices at GSW, item #7 and item #10 need to be revised for the General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements (site no longer available)


                        (b)  Addition – Academic Policy - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              To implement USG policy on TOEFL requirements for USG institutions with approved ESL programs at GSW (see attachment).


(2)  College of Arts and Sciences


      (a)  History and Political Science


Addition – Certificate Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

Global Studies Certificate

                              Proposal is for a new certificate program in Global Studies.  Most students will be able to complete the certificate program by choosing appropriate core, major and elective classes within the existing curriculum.  Classes that fulfill the certificate requirements will be chosen by the director of the certificate program.  It will be open to all majors.  The certificate will be open to all students who are already enrolled at Georgia Southwestern State University.


                        (b)  Psychology and Sociology


      (1)  Substantive Change -  Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

            BA in Psychology

                                    Increase B.A. requirement to 30 semester hours.  In Area F, ANTH 1102 is no longer required and added to a larger grouping of courses in which one is required.  Addition of PSYC 4411, History & Systems in Psychology, and PSYC 4497, Senior Research I as a major course requirement for the B.A. in Psychology.  Drop PSYC 4498, Senior Research II as a major course requirement.


      (2)  Substantive Change -  Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

            BS in Psychology

            Change in major course requirements.  Addition of minor requirement.


                  (3)  School of Business Administration


                        Substantive Change – Program – Approved by the Faculty Senate

BBA in Management – Concentration in Professional Golf Management (PGM)

                        The School of Business proposes changes to the previously approved Professional Golf Management Program.  The program will be a BBA in Management with a concentration in Professional Golf Management and will begin in Fall 2010.


                  (4)  School of Computing and Mathematics


(a)  Department of Mathematics


                              Substantive Change – Program – Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              MATH 4495 - Mathematics/BS

                              The proposal adds a 3 credit required course in mathematics to the BS in Mathematics, and balances this by removing a 3 credit mathematics elective.  The new course, MATH 4495, Mathematical Preparation for Graduate Study, is designed to give students a coherent overview of undergraduate mathematics as it relates to graduate study, in a lecture, seminar, mini-research, and oral examination environment.

            B.   Graduate Affairs


                  Addition – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                  Master of Arts English/Critical Literacy

                  Our program proposal tackles the explosion of literacies in our world and anticipates students’ need to learn and use these multiple literacies as each of the distinctive modes of communication develop.  Such communication in diverse modes is essential to successful careers, leadership roles, productive citizenship, and a satisfying quality of life.  Our proposed degree invites students from all disciplines to engage in rigorous critique of today’s rhetorical modes.


            C.  Mission Statement – Approved by Faculty Senate


                  "Georgia Southwestern State University cultivates excellence in learning and teaching that encourages intellectual, personal, and social growth for students, faculty, staff, and the community."


            D.  Faculty Handbook Revision – Promotion and Tenure – Approved by Faculty Senate

                  (See Attached)


7.   Announcements

8.   Adjourn