General Faculty Meeting Agenda ( December 2, 2011)


Office of Academic Affairs


TO:All Faculty
FROM:Brian U. Adler
Vice President for Academic Affairs
SUBJECT:General Faculty Meeting
DATE:December 2, 2011

General Faculty Meeting
Student Success Center, Room 2417
Friday, December 2, 2011 - 10:00 A.M.

  1. Call to Order by Gary Kline

  2. Approval of Minutes of April 29, 2011

  3. Remarks by the President

  4. Remarks by the VPAA

  5. Reports by Committees:

    Academic Affairs
    Academic Grievances
    Business and Finance
    Faculty Affairs
    Graduate Affairs
    Institutional Effectiveness
    Institutional Review Board
    Instructional Technology
    Scholarships & Financial Aid
    Student Affairs
    University and Alumni Relations

  6. New Business

    1. Live Text

      • (1) Motion from Faculty Senate to postpone the adoption of Live Text by the Department of English and Modern Languages

    2. Academic Proposals

      • (1) School of Computing and Mathematics

        • (a) Computer Science

          • (1) Substantive Change-Program-Approved by the Faculty Senate

            B.S. in Informational Technology (Multimedia Option)

            Present Requirement: The Multimedia core includes the following two courses: CIS 2000 Desktop Publishing and Multimedia Pres; ARST 4170 Digital Media 2. The Core Area F contains ARTF 1052 Design Concepts Course.

            Proposed Requirement: to remove ARST 4170 Int. Digital Media 2 and ARTF 1052 Design Concepts from the curriculum; to replace ARTF 1052Design Concepts by CIS 2010 Audio-Video Production Tech. I; to replace CIS 2000 Desktop Publishing and Multimedia Pres. by CIS 2020 Audio-Video Production Tech. II; to move CIS 2000 Desktop Publishing and  Multimedia Pres in the Major Electives; to add ARST 3081 Beginning Photography I to the Multimedia Core.

          • (2)Substantive Change-Program-Approved by the Faculty Senate

            General Core

            Present Requirement: The General Core, Area D, List C includes, among other, following two courses: CSCI 1301 Intro to Programming I;CSCI 1302 Intro to Programming II.

            Proposed Requirement: to add the following two courses; CIS 2010 Audio-Video Production Technology I and CIS 2020 Digital-Video Production Technology II. These two courses will replace the current Courses in Area D List C.

    3. Graduate Affairs

      • (1) Academic Programs

        • (a) Computer Science

          • (1) Deletion-Program-Approved by the Faculty Senate

            Master of Science in Computer Science (CIS Option)

            This proposal will deactivate the M.S. in Computer Science (CIS Option)

          • (2) Substantive Change-Program-Approved by the Faculty Senate

            Master of Science in Computer Science

            Present Requirement: See the attached current curriculum sheet.

            Proposed Requirements: The proposal aims to revise the M.S. in Computer Science curriculum. See the attached new curriculum sheet.

  7. Announcements

  8. Adjourn