General Faculty Meeting

Education Center Room 100

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - 11:00 A.M.


1.         Call to Order

2.         Approval of Minutes of August 10, 2005

3.         Remarks by the President

4.             Remarks by the Vice President for Academic Affairs

5.         Reports by Committees:

     Academic Affairs

     Academic Grievances


     Business and Finance

     Faculty Affairs

     Graduate Affairs

     Institutional Research

     Institutional Review Board

     Instructional Technology

     Scholarships & Financial Aid

     Student Affairs

     University and Alumni Relations


6.       New Business

A.               Academic Proposals


         (1)  Substantive Change – Program

BA in English/Professional Writing Option (BA/PWO)

The Department proposes to change our BA in English/Professional Writing Option (BA/PWP) to put less emphasis on traditional literature courses, and more emphasis on writing theory and practice.  In order to accomplish this goal effectively, we will also have to add five new writing course.


                                    (2)  Substantive Change – Other (PWO Minor)

                                                PWO Minor – Minor in English/Professional Writing Option

The Department proposes to change the Minor in English/Professional Writing Option to make it coordinate with the new major requirements for the BA/PWO.  The reasoning for these changes is the same as for the major program changes.


                                    (3)  Substantive Change - Program

                                                BA in English with Teacher Certification

The Department proposes to alter the requirements the BA in English with Teacher Certification program slightly by replacing two required course with new courses that better meet the goals that the previous requirements sought to address.  We will replace requirement that students take either ENGL 4020  History of the English Language or LING 4150 Intro to Linguistics with a single new course:  ENGL 3211 Introduction to the Study of the English Language.  We will replace the required ENGL 3220 Advanced Composition with ENGL 4030 Theories of Rhetoric and Composition.  Finally we will allow students to choose from among Advanced Composition, Advanced Grammar, and History of the English Language as another theoretical English course.


                                    (4)   Substantive Change - Program

                                                 BS Chemistry

This proposal describes a change in the curriculum sheet for the BS degree in chemistry.  It reflects the addition of two new courses.  Also, it moves the Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 4450/4450L) course to the “Required Courses” section.  Overall, these results in an additional 1 upper division chemistry course required for the major.


A.               Graduate Faculty Membership Application - Approved by Graduate Affairs


Dr. Ziang Fu


                         C.        Requirement to Enter Midterm Grades – Approved by Faculty Senate


The following statement for the Faculty Handbook was recommended by the Task Force on Graduation Rates, the Academic Affairs Committee, and the Faculty Senate:


“It is the responsibility of faculty to submit midterm and final grades for all courses by the published deadline.”  This statement would go at the end of the first paragraph under the section “Assignment of Grades.”          


7.         Announcements


8.         Adjourn