TO:          All Faculty

FROM:      William L. Tietjen

               Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:  General Faculty Meeting                               

DATE:      November 20, 2007



General Faculty Meeting

Student Success Center, Room 2417

Friday, November 30, 2007 – 11:00 A.M.


1.         Call to Order

2.         Approval of Minutes of May 2, 2007

3.         Remarks by the President

4.         Remarks by the Vice President for Academic Affairs

5.         Reports by Committees:

     Academic Affairs

     Academic Grievances


     Business and Finance

     Faculty Affairs

     Graduate Affairs

     Institutional Research

     Institutional Review Board

     Instructional Technology

     Scholarships & Financial Aid

     Student Affairs

     University and Alumni Relations


6.         New Business

A.  Academic Proposals


                              (1)  School of Business Administration


      Substantive Change – Approved by the Faculty Senate - Fifty Percent Requirement


At least 50% of the semester credit hours in business required for the School of Business Administration undergraduate programs must be completed at Georgia Southwestern State University.


                              (2)  Computer and Information Sciences


Substantive Change – Other – Approved by the Faculty Senate - Change School’s Name


Change the School’s name from “School of Computer and Information Sciences” to School of Computing and Mathematics”


                               (3)  History and Political Science


                                    a)   Substantive Change – Program – Approved by the Faculty Senate - B.S. in Political Science

In Area F, reduce the required options in the final category from two courses to one.  Eliminate SOCI 2293 (Sociology of the Family) from the list.  Add SOSC 1101 (The World & Its Peoples) to the list of three options.


                                    b)  Substantive Change – Program – Approved by the Faculty Senate - B.S. in Political Science

Under the Major/Elective Requirements, in the final category with four     political science course options (U.S. institutions & processes):  add Judicial Politics (POLS 4480) to the list; instead of one course, require two courses from this group; and reduce the number of political science electives (above) from four to three.


                              (4)  School of Nursing 


                          Addition – Program – Approved by the Faculty Senate - B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN; Generic BSN; Accelerated BSN)


This proposal supports expanding the science sequence course options in Area D to include Chemistry 1151 and 1152 which are designed for allied health professionals.


                                     B.  Statute Changes – Approved by the Faculty Senate


                                     C.  Faculty Guidelines for Violence – Approved by the Faculty Senate


                                     D.  Applications for Graduate Faculty Membership – Approved by the Faculty Senate


                        Julia Dorminey

                        Marcia Mayo

                        John Stovall

                        Philip Szmedra

                        Dawn Valentine

                        Randall Valentine

                        Faye Wells

                        Chu-Chu Wu


7.         Announcements


8.         Adjourn