TO: All Faculty

FROM: Brian U. Adler

          Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT: General Faculty Meeting 

DATE: April 27, 2010



                                      General Faculty Meeting

                           Student Success Center, Room 2417

                              Friday, April 30, 2010 – 10:00 A.M.


1.   Call to Order by Gary Fisk

2.   Approval of Minutes of December 4, 2009

3.   Remarks by the President

4.   Remarks from the VPAA/Dean of Faculty – Strategic Plan

5.   Reports by Committees:

Academic Affairs

Academic Grievances


Business and Finance

Faculty Affairs

Graduate Affairs

Institutional Research

Institutional Review Board

Instructional Technology

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Student Affairs

University and Alumni Relations


6.   New Business

A.   Academic Proposals

(1)  Academic Affairs

(a)  Requirement – Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              This proposal is to establish a requirement for freshmen who enter fall semester and who are on Academic Warning (less than a 1.5 GPA) at the end of fall semester to take a one hour course concentrating on academic skills, such as study skills, test-taking skills, and time management, during the following spring semester.  This course will be taught by the First Year Advocate and will have mandatory tutoring as a component.


                        (b)  Addition – Course - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              Prior Learning Documentation (2 hour credit)

                              This proposal is for a new course to be listed in Area B.  It is not a requirement for any major and does not change existing programs. 


(2)  College of Arts and Sciences


      (a)  English and Modern Languages


Addition – Course - Approved by the Faculty Senate

CHIN 1001 Elementary Chinese I

                              Elementary Chinese I is for persons with little or no background in Mandarin Chinese, and is designed to introduce the student to the language and culture.


      (b)  Dramatic Arts


(1)  Substantive Change – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

      BA - Dramatic Arts

                              Increase concentrations within program to 9 hours:

                                    Shift COMM 3525 Adv Video Production into Communication


                                    Add THEA 4020 Adv Stage Craft to Design/Tech. Concentration

                                    Shift THEA 4040 Act III Adv. Techniques to Performance Concentration

                              Change Language requirement to 1002 & 2001


                              (2)  Substantive Change – Other (Minor) – Approved by the Faculty Senate

Minor – Dramatic Arts

Revise minor to reflect expanded curriculum options of dramatic arts and provide concentrations within minor relative to concentrations in degree program.


            (3)  Addition – Course - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              ThEA 4020 - Advanced Stagecraft: A study of advanced production practices in theater 3-0-3

                              This course allows students to study the advanced tools, materials and production practices involved in the creation of the technical aspects of a theatrical production.  Areas covered may include but are not limited to CAD, computer lighting programs, digital media, sound for the theater (theory and practice), working with plastics, fabrics and metals. 


      (c)  History and Political Science


            Substantive Change – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

            Political Science Minor

            The Political Science Minor will be changed to require one American political institutions/process course and one less political science elective.  Course selections will also be updated to reflect the courses that are currently taught or will be likely to be taught in the future.


      (d)  Music


(1)  Addition – Other (New Course; Add to Area B) - Approved by the Faculty Senate

      MUSC 1150  - The History of Rock and Roll (3 Credit Course)

                              The History of Rock and Roll is an in-depth study of the origins of popular music in the 20th century and the social and historical context that gave birth to it and related genres and musical offshoots.  From blues and country to punk and heavy metal, students will familiarize themselves with landmark groups, music, and movements of different periods, exploring connections between modern music and the artists from the past who have paved the way for the popular music of today.


(2)  Addition – Other (New Course; Add to Area B) - Approved by the Faculty Senate

      MUSC 2020 – Music in Film (3 Credit Course)

                              Music in Film is an introduction to the history and aesthetics of music written for Hollywood films.  The course will explore the sociology, philosophy, psychology, and technique of film music.  Students will review the elements of musical style, with particular emphasis on their relation to the dramatic aspects of film, and explore critical analysis of the use of music in various American film genres.


(3)  Addition – Other (New Course) - Approved by the Faculty Senate

      MUSC 3190 – Music History:  American Music (2 Credit Course)

      American Music is a course designed to study the development of music in the United States.  The focus will be on both the vernacular traditions including hymn singing, country music, jazz, blues, big band, and rock, as well as the cultivated traditions of Art music from William Billings to John Cage.


                        (e)  Psychology and Sociology


      Substantive Change -  Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

            BS in Sociology, Area F

                              We are proposing a minor alteration to Area F.  Currently Sociology majors are required to take Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 1102).  This proposal would now require Sociology majors to take EITHER Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 1102) OR Social Problems (SOCI 1160).


                  (3)  School of Business Administration


                        Substantive Change - Approved by the Faculty Senate

BBA in Management with a Concentration in PGM

                        This proposal intends to reduce the number of hours required for the BBA degree in Management with a concentration in PGM from 127 to 120 semester credit hours.  This change is required to satisfy SACS and BOR requirements.


                  (4)  School of Computing and Mathematics


(a)  Department of Computer Science


                              (1)  Addition – Course – Approved by the Faculty Senate

                                    CIS 4310 Information System Project Management

                              This proposal is for adding a new course in B.S. Information Technology program.


                              (2)  Substantive Change – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              Changes in the BS (IT) curriculum to replace existing course with newly approved course

                              This proposal is to remove the existing course CIS 4300 System Analysis and Design II from BS IT curriculum and to add a newly approved course CIS 4310 Information System Project Management.


                        (3)  Substantive Change – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

                              Changes in the BS (CS) Curriculum

                              Move “CIS 3000 Internet Technology” and “CIS 4200 Computer Security” courses in the “Major elective” group to the “Major Required” Group and add “CIS 4310 IS Project Management” course in the “Major Elective” group.


                  (5)  School of Education


                        Substantive Change – Program - Approved by the Faculty Senate

Middle Grades Education Program

                        Recommend changing the current GPA requirement for Middle Grade Candidates to a 2.6 Content Area GPA in order to be eligible to student teach.


            B.   Graduate Affairs


                  (1)  Academic Proposals  


                        (a)  School of Computing and Mathematics


                              Submission for File – Program - Approved by Faculty Senate

                              Admission requirements for prospective students with prior master degree

                              To add a clause in admission requirements: “Students with prior master degree will be evaluated based on the minimum required graduate GPA only.”


                        (b) School of Education

                              Deletion – Course - Approved by Faculty Senate

                              Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction – deletion of EDUC 7600 – Tech and Lrng

                              The School of Education Graduate Committee recommends the deletion of EDUC 7600 – Technology and Learning from the MEd Program.  The deletion is recommended because the course content has been very similar to another course, EDEC/EDSP/EDGC 7520 – Instructional Strategies. 

                  (2)  Applications for Graduate Faculty Membership

                              Leisa R. Easom

                              Brian P. Heshizer

                              S. Bola Tilghman


            C.  Updated Mission Statement - Approved by Faculty Senate


Georgia Southwestern State University cultivates excellence in learning 

and teaching that encourages intellectual, personal, and social growth for 

students, faculty, staff, and the community. Georgia Southwestern State 

University is a comprehensive state university within the University 

System of Georgia that offers a full range of bachelor degree programs, 

along with selected master's and specialist degree programs.



            D.  USG Core Curriculum Policy Changes - Approved by Faculty Senate


            E.   FERPA Policy Proposal – Approved by Faculty Senate


            F.   Disruptive Student Protocol – Approved by Faculty Senate


            G.  Revisions to Academic Proposal Form – Approved by Faculty Senate


7.   Announcements

8.   Adjourn