TO: All Faculty

FROM:Brian U. Adler

         Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:General Faculty Meeting

DATE: April 22, 2011


General Faculty Meeting

Student Success Center, Room 2417

Friday, April 29, 2011 – 10:00 A.M.


1. Call to Order by Ru Story-Huffman
2. Approval of Minutes of December 3, 2010
3. Remarks by the President
4. Reports by Committees:

Academic Affairs

Academic Grievances


Business and Finance

Faculty Affairs

Graduate Affairs

Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Institutional Review Board

Instructional Technology

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Student Affairs

University and Alumni Relations


5. New Business

A. Academic Proposals

(1)  Academic Affairs

(1)  Policy Change- Online Courses-Approved by the Faculty Senate

Proposed Online Course Policies

(2)  College of Arts and Sciences

(a)  School of Computing and Mathematics

(1)  Substantive Change- Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

General Core

Present requirement: MATH 1111, 1113, or 1120

Proposed requirement: Math 1111, 1113, 1120 or MATH 1101.
All courses taken in AREA A as of Fall Semester 2011 or after, must result in a grade of C or better.      

(b)  General

  (1)  Substantive Change- Approved by the Faculty Senate

Women’s Studies Certificate Program

Present requirement: The only required class is WMST 2001.
Students must then complete 18 hours of approved coursework to earn the certificate.

Proposed requirement: No changes are being made to the requirements.

The curriculum sheet has been changed to reflect current course
offerings and provide information about program assessment.

(2)   Substantive Change- Approved by the Faculty Senate

Global Studies Certificate Program

Present requirement: Students must then complete 18 hours of approved coursework
to earn the certificate, distributed across 3 core areas and requiring 9 hours at the 3000 level of above.

Proposed requirement: The curriculum sheet has been changed to reflect current
course offerings and add a portfolio requirement to conduct program assessment.

B. Graduate Affairs

(1) Academic Programs

(a)  School of Nursing

   (1)  Addition-Program- Approved by the Faculty Senate

Master of Nursing

This proposal will be the MSN offered collaboratively with Clayton State University. 
The curriculum of Clayton State’s MSN program is presented which will be adopted
by the GSW’s School of Nursing.

(2)  Graduate Faculty Applications- Approved by Graduate Affairs and the Faculty Senate

Sheryl F. Venable

C.     Records Retention Policy for Faculty

D.     RCI Caregiving Issues and Management Certificate Program

E.     Amendment of Faculty Handbook- Proposal to amend the Faculty Handbook by adding

a. new section in Section IV  University Policies creating a procedure for Faculty

Instructional Grants.

F.     Amendment of Faculty Handbook- Proposal to amend section AE (Faculty Development Grants)
in order to create clarity and consistency in the awarding of Faculty Development Grants.

 6.         Announcements

 7.         Adjourn