TO:                  All Faculty

FROM:            Cathy L. Rozmus

                    Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:       General Faculty Meeting

DATE:             April 20, 2006



General Faculty Meeting

Education Center Room 100

Friday, April 28, 2006 - 10:00 A.M.



1.         Call to Order

2.         Approval of Minutes of November 30, 2005

3.         Remarks by the President

4.         Remarks by the Vice President for Academic Affairs

5.         Reports by Committees:

     Academic Affairs

     Academic Grievances


     Business and Finance

     Faculty Affairs

     Graduate Affairs

     Institutional Research

     Institutional Review Board

     Instructional Technology

     Scholarships & Financial Aid

     Student Affairs

     University and Alumni Relations


6.         New Business

A.               Academic Proposals


(1)  Addition – Program

  B.B.A. in Professional Golf Management

The SoBA proposes a new program in Professional Golf Management.  The program will comply with the standards set forth by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America.


(2)  Substantive Change – Program                                          

The purpose of this proposal is to replace ACCT 4210 – Accounting Systems with MGNT 3700 – Information Systems for management in the Management curriculum.  The course is more appropriate to management majors.


(3)  Substantive Change - Program                                                      

Replace ACCT 4210 Accounting Systems with MGNT 3700 Information Systems for Management in the Business Core of the BAS in Technology Management.


(4)  Addition – Program

The School of Computer and Information Science would like to add the Online Graduate Program in CS (CIS option).  The online program will be attractive to non-traditional and commuting students.


(5)  Substantive Change – Program

  Master of Education (all programs)

Add the following statements to the requirements for admission to the Master’s program (See attached):  2) An undergraduate major or 21-27 hours in approved content courses in planned field of study or consideration may be given to applicants who hold a current Georgia T-4 certificate in the planned field of study.  Additional course work may be required.  3)  “Eligibility for Georgia T-4 certificate in the planned field of study.”


(6)  Substantive Change – Program

  Specialist in Education (Early Childhood and Middle Grades)

Change requirement number (1) under admission to the programs as follows:  Delete the following statement:  “Consideration may be given to applicants who have an undergraduate major or 21-27 semester hours in approved courses in the planned graduate field of study.”  Add the following:  “who hold a Master’s degree in a different education field and current Georgia T-5 certification in the planned graduate field of study.  Additional course work may be required. “


(7)  Addition – Program

  Criminal Justice Certificate Program

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Certificate Program (CJCP) is to provide students with knowledge about America’s criminal justice system, for controlling crime is an important function of government.  The program is interdisciplinary and complementary to existing undergraduate programs; specifically, students take courses from the Departments of Sociology, Political Science, and Communication.  In doing so, students explore the causes of crime and delinquency, examine fundamental concepts underlying the practice of justice, analyze the impact of crime on our society, learn the inner workings of criminal justice agencies, and explore options for controlling crime.


(8)  Substantive Change – Program

  B.S. Geology

On the B.S. Geology Curriculum Sheet, move PHYS 1111/1112 and PHYS 2111/2112 from Area F to Area D.  Add GEOL 1121 and GEOL 1122 to Area F.  This aligns the Geology B.S. curriculum sheet with those of the other GSW Science & Math curriculum sheets by placing the major’s introductory courses in Area F and by placing Physics courses in Area D.


(9)  Substantive Change – Program

  Geology Minor

Change the Geology Minor to require GEOL 1122.

The change will give the minor a stronger background in Geology.  Also, because this course is a prerequisite for several 3000-level courses, the change will give a greater selection of 3000-level courses for completion of the minor.


(10)  Addition – Other (Addition to Area D Core)

  Addition of CHEM 1100 to Area D in Core Curriculum

This is a proposal to include CHEM 1100 (Chemical Discoveries in History) as an Area D (list B) option. This is a proposal for an additional general chemistry course.  The course will introduce the students to an historical approach to chemistry.  It will cover ancient to modern chemistry with an emphasis on the works of the major chemists throughout time.


B. Graduate Faculty Membership Application - Approved by Faculty Senate

           Dr. Curtis Howell


C. Recommendations – Non-Traditional Student Retention


7.         Announcements


8.         Adjourn