General Faculty Meeting Agenda (April 26, 2013)

Student Success Center, Room 2417
Friday, April 26th 2013  10:00 A.M.

1. Call to Order  and remarks   by David Hunter

2. Approval of Minutes of November 30th   2012

3. Remarks by the President

4. Remarks by the VPAA

5. Updates on SACS  from Dr. Bryan Davis  

6. Remarks from Dr. Elizabeth Gurnack    QEP

7. Reports by Committees:

Academic Affairs
Academic Grievances
Business and Finance
Faculty Affairs
Graduate Affairs
Institutional Effectiveness
Institutional Review Board
Instructional Technology
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Student Affairs
University and Alumni Relations

8. New Business

Academic Proposals

a. Deactivation of B.S. in Mathematics with option in Industrial Mathematics. (No students currently in program) 
Approved by Faculty Senate

b. Dept of Psych/Soci:  (Curriculum change) Soci 1101,Soci 1160 and Soci 2293 may substitute for upper division work with approval from Chair. (Provides greater flexibility for students who minor in sociology.)
Approved by Faculty Senate

c. Dept of Psych/Soci : ( Curriculum change)   Revise Criminal Justice certificate by adding Psych 449a and Soci 449a to replace Psych 3000 or Psych 4000 and Soci 3000 or Soci 4000:  (Adheres to best practices and clarifies required coursework)
Approved by Faculty Senate

d. School of Business Deactivation of BBA  in Professional Golf Management (Not a program that students could complete in current form- a certificate program has been created )

e. School of Business:  New Program Proposal: Certificate in Professional Golf Management
Items d and e were approved by Faculty Senate

f. School of Education: ( Curriculum change) B.S. in Education with a major in Middle Grades Education. ( required by accrediting agencies and improves student learning outcomes) Approved by Faculty Senate

g. Women’s studies certificate: Soci 2295 dropped , Nurs 3700 becomes  Nurs 2400: Women’s Health Care Issues (Changes initiated by departments that teach the courses) Approved by Faculty Senate

h. Music  Dept :  (Curriculum changes)  BA Music &BA Music with teacher certification  : add Musc3020 to elective options (facilitates ease of completing elective requirements)  and the addition of Musc 3020 (Music in film ) to Upper Division Options  (facilitates completion of  elective requirements) Approved by Faculty Senate

i.  School of Nursing  Curriculum Changes:

1. Incorrect degree name is accelerated BSN Program- change to 2nd Degree B.S. in Nursing.
NURS2700 and NUR 2600 would be changed to NURS3007 and NURS3002 to indicate courses are no longer 2000 level prerequisites but major courses on the 3000 level that must be completed. (required by accrediting agency)

 2. Curriculum change in B.S. Nursing ( Same action and justification as listed in  i.1. in reference to changed course numbers )

 3. NURS 2700 in RN  to  B.S. in Nursing program changed to NURS 3007 ( as recommended by SON accrediting agencies)

4. NURS 2700 in Nursing (LPN to RN) changed to NURS 3007 (recommend by accrediting agencies) Approved by Faculty Senat

j. Proposed Student Complaint Procedures for Academic Issues.

The rationale is to provide clarity to the process and better comply with federal requirements. 

Endorsed by Faculty Senate and the Senate voted to strike the descriptor of faculty as the “defendant” on page 3 .  (8)  (e) and any other place that it appears.

9. Graduate Affairs

a. Dept of English and Modern Languages ( Curriculum change) ENGL 6310  will now count as an elective in the MA in English program. Approved by Faculty Senate

b. School of Nursing

Curriculum change:  Master of Science in Nursing  change of course numbers  NURS 5100,5200,5400,5410,5420 AND 6300 TO ALL 6000 COURSE NUMBERS. No changes to courses.

Deactivations :  NURS 5600,6000,6010,6030,5300,6000,and 6200

New courses :    NURS 6109,6210,6230,6240 AND 6800

New courses for Informatics Track: NURS 6720,6730,6740,6750,6760 and 6880

(updating content based on Affordable Care Act) Reflects best practices , and meets mandates of accrediting agencies)

c. Renewal of graduate faculty status

  1. Paul Dahlgren
  2. Sandra Daniel
  3. Michael M. Fathi
  4. Elizabeth Kuipers
  5. Bonnie Simmons
  6. Mary Elizabeth Wilson

Approval of new graduate faculty Rachel L. Abbott

10 Academic  Policy

a. GSW Policy for Drafting, Approving, and Maintaining Collaborative Academic Arrangements Endorsed by Faculty Senata


c. Proposed Change  to General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements  Endorsed by Senate

d. GSW Transfer credit proposal Endorsed by Senate

e. Proposed Change to Academic Status Policy Endorsed by Senate

f. Proposed change to credit from correspondence courses and transient hours Endorsed  by Senate

g. Academic  Honors Policy Proposal  (discussed by Senate)

11. Proposals to change university statutes

a. Inclusion of Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance as a non-voting member  of the CoAA  and the Subcommittee of Advisement

b. IEC Statutory revision proposal : reduces subcommittees of IEC from 4 to 2 and spells out that IEC will report and make recommendations to  the faculty senate and administrative council

12.   Remarks by Senate President

13.  Announcements

14.  Adjournment