Teaching Circles

The Teaching Circle Program promotes faculty development by providing interdisciplinary opportunities for discussion, and experiences that enhance student learning. Teaching Circles are small groups of faculty who meet during an academic year or years. Some circles organize around a common theme or problem and keep to a set agenda, while others maintain a free-form discussion format. Some previously formed teaching circles include:

  • Enhancing Research and Publication
  • Service Learning
  • Global Awareness
  • Civic Engagement
  • How to Help me Help Students Write Better
  • Web CT
  • Bookworms

Teaching Circle Program offers the following incentives to the faculty who participate. Faculty members who attend at least three teaching circle meetings receive $100 credit that can be used for such things as travel to professional conferences, books or software to enhance student learning, or book donations to James earl Carter Library. Attendance at six or more meetings qualifies a faculty member for an additional $100 credit. At times, selected workshops and one-time events are counted as teaching circles when such are deemed to enhance student learning.