Requesting Instructional Support

Student Technology Fee Request Form


  1. Requests for instructional support are placed via email (, phone (2074), or by filling out the request form.

  2. The person making the request will receive an email indicating which technician has been assigned the request…

    "This request is being handled by "Technician Name". They will contact you shortly regarding completion of this request."

  3. As quickly as possible (within 24 hours), the technician will contact the person making the request and set up a day and time for the request to be handled.

  4. After the technician has completed the request, the person who made the request will receive an email ITC letting them know the job has been completed.

    "This instructional support request is completed. Please let me know if there are any issues with the completion of this request."

  5. The technician will close out the request.