Who can get access to PeopleSoft?

Georgia Southwestern State University Staff or Faculty who need access to perform their job responsibilities, generally those who:

Enter or update transactions
Review transactions at a detail level
Run queries and reports, using data available only in PeopleSoft, and
Develop, test or support the system or its users.

Most Georgia Southwestern State University Faculty and many staff will not need direct access to the PeopleSoft database, because they will be able to view all the PeopleSoft information they need through Data Warehouse reports and queries.

How do I get access to PeopleSoft?

A request to have an account created should have been requested just before or at your time of employment by your supervisor. If this did not take place, an email can be submitted to Mr. Cody King requesting access to the required system.

What is the definition of a strong PeopleSoft password?

Each system has its "rules". To achieve the strongest possible PeopleSoft password:

  • Use a minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 8 characters in length.
  • Use only alpha and numeric characters.
  • Avoid common names, words, and anything obvious, such as your Operator ID.
  • Make it significantly different from your most recent passwords.

Any other password hints?

Do not pick passwords that would be easy for someone to guess, such as a password containing:

  • Your name
  • Your children's or spouse's name
  • Stress related words, like "deadline" or "work"
  • Sports teams
  • The current, or your favorite season
  • Repeated characters like aaaaaaa, dddddddd
  • Your favorite TV show or character
  • The current month

Any words of wisdom before I sign on to PeopleSoft?

Just remember that your Password security is important to you and to the University.

As a user of any University system, you are the first line of defense to protect the information assets of Georgia Southwestern State University, as well as your own, from misuse or unauthorized access.

You are responsible for any actions taken under your ID. If you share your password, or if you choose a password that is easily guessed, it may allow someone to steal your identity, and compromise your files and data.

What if I forget my PeopleSoft password?

Call Robyn Devane at 229.931.2875