Banner Policy

A request for a Banner account and the desired access must be sent by the employee's supervisor to the Banner security administrator, Beverly Carroll ( Access must be requested by form and process/job or by specific security class. It cannot be requested as "give access the same as ...". The account will not be created until the employee's personal information has been added to Banner by Human Resources.

Users with no prior Banner experience or those who have not used Banner in more than one year will be required to review Banner overview and navigation training CDs before an account will be assigned. Upon completion of the training, users will be required to sign a usage and confidentiality agreement. Once an account has been established, the user will be notified of login information and sent instructions for logging into Banner.

As new programs are created in Banner, individual access will be granted to a user's access class as needed. If the desired program contains information that is part of another office's "domain," the data custodian must grant permission for access. The data custodian must indicate whether access is query or modify. If not specified, the access will be granted as query only. Tabbed forms, specifically SPAIDEN, must indicate for which tabs access is granted. Those not specified will be set to "not displayed." Forms and processes and their data custodians are:

G% (General)Banner Project Leader
R% (Financial Aid)Director of Financial Aid
SA% (Admission)Director of Admissions
SC% (Catalog)Dean of Academic Services
SE% (Support Services)Banner Project Leader
SF% (Registration)Registrar
SG% (General Student)Registrar
SH% (Academic History)Registrar
SI% (Faculty)Dean of Academic Services
SL% (Location Management)Assistant Dean of Students
SM% (CAPP)Registrar
SO% (Student System Management)Registrar
SP% (General Person)Registrar
SR% (Recruit)Director of Admissions
SS% (Schedule)Dean of Academic Services
ST% (Student Validation Tables)Banner Project Leader
T% (Accounts Receivable)Comptroller/Director of Student Accounts
ZF% (Hope)Director of Financial Aid
ZG% (Accounts Receivable)Comptroller/Director of Student Accounts
ZH% (Student/Hope)Registrar/Director of Financial Aid
ZL% (Location Management)Assistant Dean of Students
ZO% (Admissions)Director of Admissions
ZP% (Student)Registrar
ZS% (Student/Accounts Receivable)Registrar/Comptroller/Director of Student Accounts
ZT% (GaMods Validation Tables)Banner Project Leader
ZU% (Accounts Receivable)Comptroller/Director of Student Accounts

Any forms or processes not covered by the above list must be approved by the Banner Project Leader. Banner access will be reviewed by the data custodians annually at a minimum or more frequently when deemed necessary.

Faculty and staff accounts are removed from Banner upon termination, resignation, retirement or when the account remains inactive for more than six months. Six months allows faculty to keep access over the summer months since most are not on campus during summer semester.

How-To Guides

  • Personal Menu  A personal menu includes the forms, jobs, menus, and QuickFlows that are most important in your daily work. You can access your personal menu from the main menu.
  • QuickFlow  A QuickFlow is a technique that lets you access a set of forms in a specific sequence.
  • Keymapping Template
  • Function and Query Commands  This guide shows the alternate methods of issuing the same commands.

Banner Steering Committee

  • Ms. Angela Bryant, Director of Financial Aid
  • Dr. Lisa Cooper, Director of Institutional Research
  • Ms. Beverly Carroll, Database Administrator - Technical Project Leader
  • Dr. Gaye Hayes, Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Ms. Christy Barry, Director of Student Accounts
  • Mrs. Lois Oliver, Assistant Registrar
  • Dr. Helen Tate, Associate Dean for Academic Services
  • DR. Darcy Schraufnagel, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Mrs. Krista Smith, Registrar - Functional Project Leader