The Office of Human Resources is responsible for administering the University's compliance with the Georgia Open Records Act. This law places important responsibilities on you as an administrator, faculty and staff member. Please familiarize yourself with this material. Most of all, be sure to notify Gena Wilson, Open Records Coordinator, at 229-931-2026 immediately when you receive a request for any record held by your office.

Human Resources, seeks to make the University's open records compliance procedures user-friendly, non-adversarial, and open. The laws of Georgia make virtually every record held by GSW, with only a few specific exceptions, accessible to any citizen who requests to see it. Placing unnecessary barriers between the people and the records to which the law entitles them access serves no positive purpose for the institution. Therefore, it will be the University's goal to comply with requests for records in accordance with the Open Records Law. The procedures outlined below will help us determine whether the records exist, whether they fall under the law, and then ultimately when we can make them quickly accessible to the requestor.

Please call Gena Wilson, Open Records Coordinator, at 229-931-2026 immediately whenever an issue arises regarding the application of the Georgia Open Records Act.