Right to Know Training


Under the Georgia Public Employees Hazardous Chemicals and Right to Know Act of 1988, every state employee is required by law to have Right To Know Training at the beginning of employment and then on an annual basis thereafter. 

If you are a new faculty member or staff member and have not received this training, you are required to take it within one week of employment.

If you are a returning faculty or staff member and it has been longer than 6 months since you last took the refresher training, you are required to do so immediately.  If you have a question as to the last time you took the training, please let me know and I will be glad to look it up for you.

This training is available online and will take about 20 minutes for you to complete.  Once you at the training website, click on the basic module.   When you  have completed the training, the system will automatically send me an e-mail telling me that you have completed it.   The system  will also automatically send it to a database at the Board of Regents.  Once I have received the notification that you completed the training, I will generate a certificate that will be placed in your personnel file by Human Resources.

Please remember that all student workers or anyone drawing a paycheck from GSW must also receive this training.

The website is: http://www.usg.edu/ehs/training/

Your cooperation regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.    Thanks.

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