Retirement Plan Information

TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEM OF GEORGIA (TRSGA is a defined benefit retirement plan)

See TRSGA Member's Guide – Human Resources Office


The Optional Retirement Plan is a defined contribution plan established in accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Section 47-21-7. ORP is limited to employees in exempt positions or positions that have been designated by the law as covered. There are three vendors providing retirement services under this plan:

Consider Electing TRS if:

  • You wish to have accrued sick leave added to your retirement formula for creditable service at the point of your retirement  (i.e.,  l day of sick leave credit for l day of s.l. accrual).
  • You plan to continue service with the University System of Georgia until you retire.
  • You have prior creditable military service, public out-of-state service, and/or previous TRS service that have been withdrawn, which can be used to increase the amount of TRS service.
  • You are presently in another public State Retirement System and wish to transfer that retirement to TRS  (Maximum 10 years to transfer).

Consider Electing An ORP (Optional Retirement Plan) if:

  • You plan early retirement.
  • You do not plan to be employed by the University System of Georgia for 10 years or more before retirement.
  • You have a satisfactory retirement program already assured.
  • Your primary consideration upon leaving our employment is the purchase of an annuity based on cash value accumulated in your ORP account, in lieu of a defined retirement benefit computed by a formula.
  • You wish to have control of your investment options.