To provide installation, service and repair for all Telecommunication needs of the University, including fiber optic wiring for voice and data. 

To monitor costs and coordination communication with the Georgia Technical Authority (GTA) and the University. 


The departmental budgetary head has the primary responsibility for approval of all new installation and disconnection charged against accounts under his/her administration. 

Procedures for New Service Installation or Disconnection of Service

The department head will submit to the Telecommunications Coordinator an e-mail or memo outlining specific new service requested. The Telecommunications Coordinator will complete a GTA Work Order Form describing new service desired. This form will be sent to GTA, which in turn will relay request to proper service technician. Under normal circumstances, work should be completed within 2-4 weeks. Departments have the option of purchasing telephone equipment from an outside vendor or from GTA. All telephone equipment purchased from GTA under $1,000 is the property of the University and must be replaced at the cost of the University if equipment malfunctions. 

Procedure for Service and Repair Needs

All service and repair needs should be reported verbally or by e-mail to the Telecommunications Coordinator. The Telecommunications Coordinator will report all repair requests by e-mail or telephone to GTA, who will relay the repair request to the proper service technician. Under normal circumstances, repairs should be completed within 2-5 working days.