Building Security

Law Enforcement on Campus

Other Services Provided

Passenger-Carrying Vehicles

Procedure for Obtaining Student Driver Permit

Vehicle Registration and Parking


The Department of Public Safety exists to maintain a safe environment on the Campus. The Department carries out this purpose by the enforcement of applicable State criminal and traffic laws and patrol of University grounds. 

The Department of Public Safety is also responsible for vehicle parking registration and parking enforcement. 

Public Safety is responsible for maintaining the security of all University buildings. 

Public Safety is available 24-hours a day for reporting of problems of various natures. 

Building Security

Opening and Closing Buildings

Public Safety opens and secures all of the University's buildings on a daily basis. Public Safety should also be contacted if assistance is needed to gain access or securing of a building after normal working hours. 

Written authorizations should be given to individuals that need access to offices, labs, and classrooms after hours by the respective faculty or staff member. 

Law Enforcement on Campus

Reporting of Crimes on Campus

All incidents of a criminal nature should be reported to Public Safety. This includes all thefts, property damage, and offenses against a person Events of a suspicious nature should also be reported to Public Safety. 

Reporting of Vehicle Accidents

All vehicle accidents that occur on Campus should be reported to Public Safety. This includes accidents in the parking areas. 

Other Services Provided

Phone Contact After Normal University Business Hours

Public Safety has personnel present On-Campus 24 hours a day. An On-Campus extension , as well as a separate local number, are available for after hours contact. 

Reporting of Emergency Maintenance Problems

Public Safety should be contacted if an employee locates an emergency maintenance problem after normal University business hours. 

Assistance with Vehicles

Public Safety personnel can provide limited assistance if an employee experiences a problem with their vehicle. 

Passenger-Carrying Vehicles

Georgia Southwestern State University has available on a rental basis, passenger-carrying vehicles. You may call Public Safety at extension 1390 for current rates. 

Authorized Use of State Vehicles

Employees for use in the performance of essential travel duties related to the completion of State business. 

Recognized student organizations approved by a designated official of the Office of Student Life. 

Programs or tours through Continuing Education which are accompanied by the Program Coordinator or a member of the faculty. Prior approval is required by the Director or Acting Director and costs incurred will be charged to the Continuing Education budget. 

Other college and university groups with approval by the Vice President for Business and Finance. 

Unauthorized Use of State Vehicles

Use for personal purposes.

Travel or tasks which are beyond the vehicle's rated capability. 

Transport of families, friends, associates or other persons who are not employees of the State or serving the interest of the State. 

Use by private organizations. 

Organizations restricted as to membership and/or activities do not qualify for use of vehicles. 

Authorized Vehicle Drivers

All drivers must present the department of Public Safety with a hard copy of their Georgia Drivers License and complete a Driver's History form at least ten (10) working days before being approved as a GSW Vehicle Driver. 

Public Safety Director or his designee shall review all driver's history and determine their eligibility to operate a GSW owned vehicle. 

Public Safety will be responsible for issuing campus vehicle driving permits. 

Georgia Southwestern State University vehicles may be operated only by individuals who are on the Georgia Southwestern State University payroll, have a valid Georgia Drivers License, and who are authorized by a Division/Department chairperson, Director, or Supervisor. The Department renting a vehicle is responsible for obtaining a qualified driver. 

A Class B (formerly Class III) Georgia Drivers License is required for driving vehicles designated to transport 16 or more passengers including the driver. A photocopy of the Drivers License MUST be on file at Public Safety. 

Scheduling Vehicles

Reservations for use of a vehicle must be made by submitting a completed Vehicle Request and Trip Record Form (7.92 Revision) to Public Safety. 

Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of the completed Vehicle Request and Trip Record by Public Safety on a "first come, first serve" basis. Telephone requests can not be honored. 

Requests must be made by the user no later than NOON on THURSDAY of the week preceding the planned trip. This lead time is required to allow sufficient time for Physical Plant to service the vehicles. 

The number of vehicles available is limited. Public Safety must be notified immediately should a scheduled trip be canceled. A minimum trip charge will be assessed when Public Safety is not notified of a cancellation prior to the date of departure. 

Picking Up Vehicles

Passenger-carrying vehicles are dispatched from Public Safety only during normal working hours (8:00 am to 5:00 PM), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Vehicle keys, petroleum credit cards, and trip mileage records will be issued to the vehicle by Public Safety. 

Vehicles required for trips with departure times that do not fall within normal working hours MUST be dispatched during the normal working hours. The vehicle may remain at the Physical Plant compound and picked up when needed by contacting Public Safety staff at departure time. 

The authorized driver of a campus vehicle must present Public Safety with an approved campus drivers permit. 

Returning Vehicles

The operator will return the vehicle to the Physical Plant compound. The operator will return the vehicle keys, credit card and COMPLETED mileage record to the Public Safety office immediately upon completion of the trip. 

When the trip is completed after normal working hours, the operator will contact the Public Safety staff on duty in order to place the vehicle into the Physical Plant compound. The operator will return the vehicle keys, credit cards, and COMPLETED mileage record to Public Safety staff on duty. 

The vehicle interior must be cleaned of all loose debris by the operator upon completion of the trip or a charge will be assessed for cleaning the vehicle. 

Vehicles must be promptly turned in at the completion of the trip. Vehicles, vehicle keys, credit cards, and/or COMPLETED mileage records not turned in on the day of the trip completion will assess an additional minimum usage fee per day thereafter. 

Responsibilities of Vehicle Operators

Operate vehicles in compliance with applicable motor vehicle laws and in a manner that will not bring discredit upon the University. 

Use vehicles in the conduct of official University business only. 

Shall not consume intoxicating liquor or any other drug or substance that may impair one's reaction or judgment either before or while on duty. 

Note, in writing, mechanical defects of the vehicle on the mileage record to be turned into Public Safety.

In the event of an accident, follow the established accident procedure outlined in Section on Accidents 


Assist injured 

Notify immediately: 

a. Local police, sheriff, or State Patrol, depending upon jurisdiction. 

b. GSW Public Safety: (912) 928-2245 - 8:00 am - 5:00 PM - Monday- 

Friday 931-2244 - after 5:00 PM, holidays, weekends 

c. Your supervisor. 

d. State insurance carrier: 

Atlanta Area - (404) 266-9599 Outside Atlanta Area - 1-800-241-1172 

NOTE: A YELLOW "IN CASE OF ACCIDENT" sticker is affixed to the dashboard of each vehicle with instructions on what to do in case of an accident. 

Fuel/Emergency Repairs

Lubrication, oil, and oil changes, washing, towing, tire repairs and minor mechanical repairs/supplies may be purchased in an emergency using the State of Georgia credit card when possible. Fuel may be purchased at major gas stations or at any State Patrol and Department of Transportation location using the State of Georgia credit card. RECEIPTS MUST BE TURNED IN UPON COMPLETION OF THE TRIP TO Public Safety. 

If serious mechanical trouble occurs, the vehicle should be taken to the nearest dealer servicing its make. The operator should have the problem diagnosed and determine if repairs can be made under the vehicle warranty. If not, the operator may authorize repairs if the cost does not exceed $100.00. If repair costs exceed $100.00, contact Public Safety for instructions. 

Traffic and Parking Violations

Operators are personally responsible for all traffic and parking violations incurred while a vehicle is in their custody. The University will not assume responsibility or make reimbursement for violations, fines, or penalties. 

Insurance Coverage

All Georgia Southwestern State University passenger-carrying vehicles are insured with liability and property damage insurance. 

Government vehicles are not required to have proof of insurance. A copy of an "INFORMATION ONLY" insurance card has been placed in each vehicle to present to an officer in the event you are asked for proof of insurance. 


All passenger-carrying vehicles are routinely serviced by the Physical Plant Department including oil changes, tune-ups, minor repairs, and filling the vehicle with gas before a scheduled trip. Major repairs are done by outside garages. 

Vehicles returned in a manner that require more than routine cleaning will be taken to a professional cleaner and the user department will be charged the cost. 

Alcoholic Beverages/Controlled Substances

Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs shall not be transported or consumed in Georgia Southwestern State University vehicles. 

Procedure for Obtaining Student Driver Permit

Reason for Permit

A student driver permit is required for any student who will be driving a Georgia Southwestern University vehicle, in accordance with Risk Management liability insurance regulations. 

Student must be on the Georgia Southwestern State University payroll . This is to comply with Risk Management liability insurance regulations. 

Process for obtaining permit: 

1. Obtain application at the Georgia Southwestern State University Department of Public Safety. 

2. Complete application (reference Attachment 8.06.01.A) and present to Public Safety. 

3. Public Safety will evaluate the applicant's driving history. By signing the application, the student gives permission for a driver's history check. 

4. If the application is approved, a permit (reference Attachment 8.06.01.B) will be issued to the student by Public Safety. 

5. It will be the student's responsibility to notify Public Safety of any traffic violations occurring after permit is issued. 

Process for obtaining vehicle:

When a student is requested to drive a Georgia Southwestern State University vehicle, a University Vehicle Request Form must be submitted to the Public Safety office, along with the student driver's permit and their driver's license for identification purposes. 

University Vehicle Request forms may be obtained from the Public Safety office. 

The employee driving the vehicle is the person responsible for picking up the van. On long trips where multiple drivers may be used, a list of approved drivers is to accompany the request. 

Permit denial

Georgia Southwestern State University reserves the right to disapprove a permit to anyone based on their driver's history; and, further, to rescind their permit if their driver's record changes. (Failure to notify Public Safety will result in cancellation of the student's driver permit) 

1. Possible reasons for permit denial: 

A. Applicant does not possess a valid driver's license. 

B. Applicant's license has previously been suspended or revoked. 

C. Applicant has had a DUI conviction within the last three years. 

D. Applicant has a history of major moving violations. 

Applicant has an accumulation of seven or more points within a two-year period. 

Validation Period:

The permit is valid for one academic year. The student must contact Public Safety to renew the permit at the beginning of each academic year. 

Vehicle Registration and Parking

Vehicle Registration

You are required to register your vehicle with the Department of Public Safety if you park on Campus. In order that employee's vehicles may be distinguished from student vehicles, you will be issued an appropriate registration decal at no charge. The decal must be affixed to your vehicle in accordance with existing rules established by the Institution. 


The University provides marked Faculty/Staff parking lots. Employees are to park in the proper parking areas in accordance with established parking regulations. 

Traffic and Parking Information

The University provides printed traffic and parking information and regulations. These regulations are available in the Public Safety Office. Campus maps may also be obtained at this office.