Campus Postal Service is a combination on-campus post office and U.S. Postal Service contract substation. The Campus Postal Service must comply with all UPS rules and regulations. 

This service is provided by the University in order to more efficiently distribute incoming mail and to effect postage savings in outgoing mail. 


To distribute all mail received from the U.S. Postal Service and other approved delivery services to faculty and staff via an established delivery service. Student mail shall be received and placed in assigned campus boxes. 

Faculty/staff outgoing mail and inter-departmental mail is picked up from specific mail deposit areas via an established pick-up service and is processed by the Postal Service staff. 

Assignment of campus boxes for individual students will be coordinated with the 

Accounting Office (to be implemented during the registration process). 

Source of Policy Governing Postal Service

The policies that govern the University Postal Service come from two sources: 

Georgia Southwestern State University Policy 

United States Postal Service Regulations 

Any new regulations issued by the U.S. Postal Service shall at all times override 

University policy if a conflict in policy results. 


The use of Georgia Southwestern Service is restricted to Georgia Southwestern State University and currently enrolled students. 

Outgoing mail that is to run through the University postal meter, or in any other manner to be paid from University funds, is restricted to official University business. Student organizations are not allowed to use state funds for postage. 

Unauthorized individuals will mot be permitted into the University mail room unless requested to do so by University Postal Service personnel for identification of parcels, other University mail related matters. 

All U.S. Postal Service regulations regarding the proper handling of U.S. mail will be followed by Georgia Southwestern State University Postal Service personnel. 

Unofficial announcements or announcements on non-University related events are not be distributed through the University Postal Service. 


Campus Mail Service

Mail is picked up from the Americus Post Office at approximately 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Outgoing mail is picked up at the Campus Post Office at 4:45 p.m. by the Americus Post Office. 

Mail delivery to the Administration Building and Library, including U.S. mail and interdepartmental mail, will be made daily before noon. 

Mail pickup will be made at specific mail deposit areas each morning and afternoon. Mail needs to be delivered to Campus Post Office by 3:30 p.m. to be processed that day. Mail received after 4:30 p.m. may be processed the next work day. 

Student mail will be placed in each student's campus box on the day it is received from the Americus Post Office. 

Faculty and Staff Mail

Each department on Campus will choose to pick up the departmental mail, including faculty and staff mail, at either the Administration Building or the Campus Post Office. 

There will be no individual faculty/staff boxes in the Campus Post Office. 

Departmental Outgoing Mail

1. All outgoing mail from departments must be bundled with rubber bands. 

Mail for "Americus" must be bundled separately from "out-of-town" mail. 

Campus mail must be bundled separately from off-campus mail. 

Personal mail with stamp affixed must be bundled separately from other mail. 

Envelope flaps on #10 business envelopes must be extended in order to properly seal. All other envelopes must be sealed properly prior to reaching the Campus Post Office. 

2. All official mail should be identified by department/office and 3-digit code number in the return address. Mail having no return address must be opened to determine department/office of origin and will be returned to the sending department/office. 

Bulk/Mass Mail

It is the responsibility of each department to use the most economical method of mailing. Firs Class mail is very expensive and does not insure faster or better handling. Planning ahead and the use of Standard Bulk Rates can significantly reduce our postage costs. Contact the Postal Services supervisor at the Campus Post Office for details. 

Any mailing of 200 or more pieces should be sent by Standard Bulk unless the mailing is classified as prestigious. Standard Bulk mail must conform to several requirements which are not difficult and ban be explained by the Postal Services Supervisor. 

Any mailing of 500 or more pieces can be mailed at the Pre-sort First Class Rate. The mailing must be in zip code order when received at the Campus Post Office and cannot contain mail going out of the country. The Campus Post Office should be advised one day in advance if your office wants to take advantage of this savings. 

All on-campus student mass mailings must be submitted in order by GSW box number and bundled with rubber bands. 

Special Note: All printed material for general distribution to the public must be approved by University Relations prior to being printed (see Procurement Section of this manual) 

Mail Service Hours

Window hours (as posted) 

Operational hours (as posted)