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The mission of the Physical Plant Department is stated as a goal of the Institutional Strategic Plan, and is reiterated below: 

The University will develop and maintain positive human relations; supportive student services, and appropriate physical facilities that will contribute to a simulating and challenging living and learning environment. 

It is our intention to achieve our mission in accordance with all University policies and procedures, with maximum effectiveness and efficiency and to maintain an environment that encourages each employee to contribute their "very best" at all times in the support of our mission. 

We look forward to assisting you with any problem or need that arises. Your comments and suggestions will also be welcome in order to help us improve our services to you. 

Basic Policy and Responsibility

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, alternations, additions of existing facilities; grounds, streets, walks, and paved areas; the operation and maintenance of utilities systems, installed mechanical and electrical equipment; the collection of trash; and insect/rodent control; the maintenance and repair of all University vehicles, buildings and grounds equipment, custodial services, Environmental Health and Safety programs, and The Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to facilities and grounds. 

All connections made to utility systems (waste, sewer, gas, steam or electrical), either in or out of buildings, should be performed by Physical Plant Department personnel or qualified contractors under Physical Plant guidance. All utility systems are owned by the University. 

The Physical Plant Department must be advised and review drawings of any planned remodeling or construction of facilities as once the work is completed Physical Plant funds and man-hours will be used to maintain the facilities and to insure facilities are adequate. 

In all cases of construction and remodeling projects, As Built Drawings must be provided to Physical Plant for future repairs and maintenance. 

Services Available 

Physical Plant Services

The services provided by Physical Plant are related to providing a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment. The services include: 

1. Maintenance and repair services for the interior and exterior of all buildings and installed equipment. 

2. Maintenance and repairs of walks, streets, and grounds. 

3. Custodial services 

4. Vehicular maintenance 

5. Repair of leaking roof 

6. Painting 

7. Maintenance of heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and utilities systems. 

8. Repair broken windows, doors and locks. 

9. Plumbing that is stopped up. 

10. Changing of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes. 

11. Cutting of grass and planting of flowers. 

12. Signs made and installed in buildings. 

13. Hook-up of cable TV lines in Residence Halls. 

14. Setting of clocks for street lights and tennis court lights. 

15. Project design and cost estimating 

16. Environmental Health and Safety inspections 

17. Hazardous Material training 

18. Pest Control 

19. Right to Know training 

20. Disposal of Hazardous Material 

21. Set-ups for special events 

How To Obtain Services

Physical Plant services are obtained by written work request except for emergencies. Emergencies should be reported to Physical Plant, extension 2302. 

Work Requests

Work requests should be submitted to the Physical Plant Department. Budget head submits work request to Physical Plant. 

When submitting work requests please provide description of request, exact location (building and room number), and a contact person to direct questions. 

E-Mails - are the best way to send work requests to the department. ( You will receive an e-mail response notifying you that the request was received by the Physical Plant. If the Plant is out, the requests are received but the response may be delayed until the next day. 

FAX - work requests may be sent to the Physical Plant by dialing extension 931-2298 

Campus Mail - work requests may be sent to the Physical Plant by campus mail. Address mail to "Physical Plant". 

Phone - Emergency work requests may be phoned into the department, extension 2302. 

Once the work request is received, the Physical Plant department will assign a work request number. A shop will be assigned to perform the work. Periodically throughout the year, a report will be sent to various departments. The report will list description of work requests they have submitted and total cost of completing the work request. 

At anytime you wish to know the status of your work request call the Physical Plant Department. 

General Information 

Bicycle Racks

Bicycle racks are located throughout the campus for the convenience of bicycle riders. Locking bicycles to the racks is encouraged. Parking, storage or bicycles inside of buildings, including porches and entrance or exit ways is prohibited. 

Bulletin Boards

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the installation of all bulletin boards. 


Life safety and building codes must be adhered to in all work performed by the Physical Plant Department. If you have any questions concerning the various codes, please call the Physical Plant Department, extension 2302. 


Due to the health hazards such as fleas and allergic reactions only fish are permitted as pets in the Residence Halls. Pet fish may be maintained in aquariums no larger than ten gallons in volume. Only one ten gallon aquarium per resident is permitted. No other animals or reptiles are allowed. 

Under no circumstances are pets allowed in any building (Academic or Residence Hall) on campus except as noted above. 

Electrical/Mechanical Rooms

The life safety code prohibits the storage of material in electrical and mechanical rooms. These rooms are to be entered only by University maintenance personnel, contract maintenance personnel or State Inspectors. 

In-House Renovation Project

The Physical Plant Department has limited funds for normal maintenance and repair work. Occasionally funds are available for minor renovation projects. A work request or memorandum should be submitted to the Director of Physical Plant requesting the work with as many details as possible. Renovation projects in a building must be approved by the Department head and Facilities Representative. 


All elevators are maintained by an outside elevator contractor. If you have a problem with an elevator, contact the Physical Plant and they will secure the service from the appropriate contractor. All elevators are equipped with telephones that are connected to the Public Safety office and are to be used for emergency purposes only. 

Fire Extinguishers

The acquisition and maintenance of fire extinguishers, including hangers, are the responsibility of the Physical Plant. Placement, inspection, and servicing of all fire extinguishers are responsibilities of Physical Plant. All fire extinguishers are certified once a year. 

Insect and Rodent Control

Monthly campus visits are made by a pest control contractor. If additional services of the contractor are desired, please contact Physical Plant at 2302. Your request will be put on the list for the next time they are on campus. In case of an insect or rodent emergency, the Physical Plant can request on-call service. 

Maps and Building Plans

Campus maps and building plans are maintained in the Physical Plant office. These maps and plans may be reviewed in the Physical Plant office. If more than one print is available, they may be loaned out and signed for. 

Smoking in Buildings

In an effort to promote a healthy environment, smoking is prohibited in all buildings on the University campus. 


To prevent bodily injury and property damage, no personnel may go to the roof of any building or Residence Hall without prior authorization from the Physical Plant Department. The exception is the use of the cat-walk on the Roney Building for access to the observatory. 

No cameras, television antennas, or other equipment supported by tripods or stands may be placed on any roof without prior coordination with Physical Plant. 

Repairs, alterations and/or additions to roofs are the responsibility of the Physical Plant Department. 

Telephone Installation

Telephone Installation are responsibilities of Telecommunications. Inquires should be directed to the office of Vice President for Business and Finance at 928-1380. 

Traffic and Parking

Traffic and parking are responsibilities of Public Safety. Inquires should be directed to that office, extension 22485. 


The Physical Plant Department is responsible for the coordination of the following inspections and the correction of any deficiencies found during the inspection. 

1. Boiler 

2. Fire Marshall (life safety code) 

3. Property 

4. Natural gas lines 

5. Elevator 

6. Fire extinguishers 

Exhaust Hoods

Dining Hall exhaust hoods are cleaned semi-annually by a contractor. Snack bar exhaust fans are cleaned quarterly. The Dining Hall manager will be contacted by Physical Plant to set a time and day for each cleaning. 

Fume Hoods

Periodic inspections or fume hoods in science laboratories will be conducted to insure they meet current standards. 

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems in the Roney, Education Center, and Fine Arts buildings are inspected annually by a qualified contractor. 

Automated Energy Management System

Most of our major buildings are tied into a computer that enables the Physical Plant Department to control the heating and air conditioning systems. We are also able to schedule the operation of the mechanical systems. Therefore, it is very important that facilities requests and work requests be sent to the Physical Plant Department for evening, weekend, and special events so that we can insure that the proper temperature will be maintained for the event and the systems will operate only when buildings are occupied. 

Cable TV Hook-Ups

All Residence rooms are provided basic service as part of the Student Housing fee. The hook-up of HBO, Showtime, and any other special program will be contracted between the student and the local Cable TV Company. Physical Plant personnel will make the connection for the services after the Cable TV Company has certified that the student is a bonafide subscriber. 

Board of Regents Projects

Major Repair/Rehabilitation Projects

These projects are funded by the Board of Regents. The requests are developed yearly (about April 1st of each year) by Physical Plant and coordinated by the Vice President for Business and Finance. All costs for major non-recurring repairs and major maintenance projects will be included on the list sent to the Board of Regents. Final approval must be given by the President of the University. It is then sent to the Board of Regents for consideration as to funding of the project. 

Capital-Outlay Projects

These projects are funded by the Board of Regents. The requests are developed yearly (about April 1st of each year) by the President and his staff. It is then sent to the Board of Regents for consideration as to funding of the project. The Capital-Outlay Projects would include new buildings, the total renovation/remodeling of a building, land acquisition or other major development costs. Typically, the project cost will be in excess of $1,000,000. Capital-Outlay Projects are divided into groups minor capital projects up to $5,000,000 and major capital projects $5,000,000 and more. 

Services Provided for Board of Regents Projects

Detail documentation must be maintained on Board of Regents projects and the Physical Plant Department will provide the following service and maintain the files: 

1. Provide the general scope of work. 

2. Assist in the selection of the Architect/Engineer. 

3. Perform Resident Engineer Inspection duties (R.E.I.) 

4. Conduct pre-construction conferences. 

5. Coordinate with the Architect/Engineer on Change Orders, final inspections and Fire Marshall inspections. 

6. Verify and process Periodical Estimates. 

7. Review of plans and specification. 

In cases where funds are provided for projects, other than Board of Regents or Physical Plant, the Physical Plant Department will develop the bidding documents, drawings, selection of architect if required and coordination of the project. The Physical Plant Department must review all drawings and specifications to ensure they conform to the life safety code, The Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other requirements as set forth by the Board of Regents. The Department can provide limited design and cost estimate services. To receive these services, a letter should be sent to the Director describing the project and identify funding source. 


The Administration Section receives all work requests/complaints and coordinates responses and services with the appropriate shops within the Physical Plant Department. This section provides general administration support for all Physical Plant shops and sections. 


The management of the Physical Plant budget is the responsibility of the Director of Physical Plant. The budget is used to fund normal maintenance and repair work needed to maintain buildings and grounds, to ensure that they are safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. From time to time major items of equipment will fail and funds are requested from the Board of Regents to make these one time repairs. Physical Plant funds will not be expended without prior approval of the Director of Physical Plant. 

Work Request Control

The Administrative Section enters work requests into computer system, assigns a work order number, and assigns the shop for the work to be complete. Records are maintained on costs of repairs by buildings and shops. Further, provides the customer with a quarterly report showing completed work requests and associated cost. 

Facilities Inventory

The Administration Section maintains and updates the Facilities Inventory report as square footage, room numbers or room use changes. This is coordinated with the Room Utilization report. This section will also maintain an up to date record of buildings square footage to verify the Inventory of Building Square Footage report.

Purchase of Supplies and Material

The Administration Section types purchase request or purchase orders for supplies and repair parts needed by the department. When the cost of the items are under $2,500 the purchase order/requests are signed by the Director and then sent to the Purchasing office for processing. 

When items that are needed for supplies and material are in stock at Materials Management, Physical Plant personnel will sign out for needed items and provide a work request number next to the items received.

When small cost items are needed and not stocked in Materials Management, the VISA credit card may be issued to shop personnel for purchase of these items locally. 

Petty Cash may be obtained from time to time for small purchases. 

Key Records

The Administration Section is responsible for the making of keys and maintaining the records as to who has a particular key and to what area. Department heads and Facilities Representatives will be responsible for determining the authorization of keys for specific areas/space. The procedure for requesting keys is as follows: 

1. Send a written work request to Physical Plant signed by the department head/dean who has responsibility for the area the key will open and the Facilities Representative. 

2. The work request will be assigned to the Carpenter Shop and the key will be cut and coded with a number stamp. 

3. A key control card will be completed indicating the code number and the door/room the key will open. 

4. The key and key control card will be delivered or sent to the person requesting the key. The key control card must be signed by the person receiving the key. 

5. The key control card will be returned to Physical Plant. When a faculty or staff member of the University leaves or is transferred all keys issued to them must be returned to Physical Plant. 

Lost and found keys must be immediately reported to Public Safety and Physical Plant. 

Changing the combination of lock cores will be handled in the same manner as with the issuing of new keys. 

All Residence Hall keys are issued to the Student Housing Office who will issue and control. 

Replacement of keys and core changes must be on a written work. 

Keys must not be loaned out and must be safeguarded at all times. 

Building & Equipment Maintenance

The Building and Equipment Section is responsible for providing general building and equipment maintenance and services to all buildings on campus. The sections are as follows: 

Maintenance Worker HVAC Shop 

Electrical Shop Paint Shop 

Plumbing Shop Carpenter Shop 

All building and equipment personnel and shops are under the supervision of the Director of Physical Plant, extension 2302. 

Maintenance Worker

is responsible for the hook-up of cable TV lines to individual Residence Hall rooms; the preventative maintenance of air compressors for pneumatic controls; the inspection of fire extinguishers; emergency and egress lights; the making of door numbers and name plates; assists other shops as needed and makes repairs as sent in on work request. 

Electrical Shop

is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electrical systems in the buildings and outside; maintenance of street lights and both indoor and outdoor lighting; the changing of light bulbs, and ballast; the installation of new electrical lines, lights and panel boxes; the hook-up of newly purchased electrical equipment; the maintenance of transformers and makes repairs as sent in on work requests. 

Plumbing Shop

is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all commodes, urinals, drinking fountains, sewer and drain lines, tubs, irrigation piping, water lines and valves, faucets, shower fixtures; the operation and maintenance of swimming pool water treatment equipment and makes repairs as sent in on work requests. 

Heating and Ventilating and Air Conditioning Shop

is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all boilers, air conditioning systems, temperature control devices, air handling units, thru-the-wall units, unit ventilators, window air conditioner units, condensers, cooling towers, air vents, hot water heaters; maintenance and repair of pumps, and makes repairs received on work requests. 

Carpenter Shop

is responsible for all carpentry repairs such as doors, frames, drywall, wood paneling, ceiling repairs, small construction and remodeling projects; lock repair/core replacement, key cutting, door closures, broken windows, bulletin board fabrication/installation; repair and replacement of floor tile and stair tread, roof repairs, exit devices, and makes repairs sent in on work requests. 

Paint Shop

is responsible for painting of the interior and exterior of buildings, student rooms, the staining of items, and painting exterior handrails. Large painting projects will normally be contracted out for additional labor. The paint shop also can supply the paint for students to paint their own rooms. Students should contact Student Life for additional details and the colors that are available. Requests for painting individual classrooms and offices will be done by written work requests. 

Moving Crew

is responsible for the set-ups for special events; the relocation of furniture and office equipment; the moving items to storage or surplus property for all buildings on campus. This is a contracted service. 

The moving crew will move only University owned property. The use of the moving crew to move or transport personally owned property is prohibited. 

The total move of office furniture, equipment or the complete move of all items in a building or the movement of pianos will require additional manpower and must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Grand pianos will not be moved from building to building. 

All requests to reserve audio-visual equipment will be made to the Instructional Technology Center (ITC) by the using agency. A work request will be submitted to the Physical Plant Department by ITC one working day prior to the scheduled event requesting the movement of the reserved equipment. 

All requests for sound systems will be made to the Office of Student Life by the using agency utilizing a Facilities Scheduling Form. The using agency will ensure that all components of the system i.e., amplifier, speakers, cords and microphones are in one location and reserved to be moved. Any additional moves after normal working hours or on weekends must be coordinated by the using agencies. Microphones will be picked up by the user from the Office of Student Life. 

The moving of items should be scheduled Monday-Friday between 7:30 am 4:00 PM. Any moving requests for weekend, holidays and after normal working hours must be scheduled and the cost will be charged to the department requesting the move. If an emergency moving request is needed call extension 2302. 

Set-up for special events should be listed on Facilities Scheduling Forms sent through the Student Life Office. The movement of furniture and equipment should be listed on a work request or by memorandum. If furniture from one building needs to be moved to another for a set-up, then the user is responsible for making those arrangements with department head before the move can take place. 

When property with decals is moved the decal numbers will be given to the Director of Materials Management indicating where the property was moved from and where it is now located. 

Preventive Maintenance

Work is scheduled by the Physical Plant Department and includes: 

Roofs Mechanical/Electrical Systems 

Painting Window and door repairs 

Floor coverings Filter changing 

Light bulb/tube replacement General repairs to interior and exterior of 


Grounds Maintenance

Landscape and Grounds Services

Landscape and grounds services includes mowing of grass; edging of curbs and walkways; weeding shrub and annual beds; pruning of all shrubs and trees; leaf removal, blowing off of sidewalks, sweeping of streets; digging of trenches for utility lines, grading and filling areas as needed; over-seeding of turf areas; maintenance of athletic fields; maintenance of University lake; irrigation of turf and shrub areas and assisting the moving crew when needed. 

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are provided for set-ups and special functions, from two greenhouses. This service can be obtained by submitting a work request or by indicating the need for plants on a Facilities Scheduling Form. However it is suggested that you call ahead for availability. This can be done by calling the Assistant Director for Landscape and Environmental Health and Safety (LEH&S) at extension 2309.

Debris Removal

The litter on campus is picked up each day including weekends. Special requests for removal of debris can be obtained by calling the Assistant Director (LEH&S) at extension 2309. 

The University provides two dumpsters from the City of Americus that are used by the Dining Hall for the disposal of trash from the kitchen. 


Additional services of this section are as follows: 

1 Marking and maintaining parking lots and streets. 

2. Furnishing, installing and maintaining bicycle racks. 

3. Furnishing and installing of directional and traffic signs. 

4. Locating underground utility lines. 

5. Coordinates with the Cable TV (CATV) Company, telephone company and other contractors on installing new underground lines. 

6. Maintains accurate drawing of telephone lines in the buildings and underground. 

7. Furnishing, installing and maintaining benches, trash receptacles and other outdoor amenities. 

Automotive Mechanic

All automotive services will be performed by the Physical Plant Department. These services include the preventive maintenance of University owned vehicles and equipment, tune ups on most vehicles, tire replacement and alignments, tire repair, installation of certain items in regards to vehicles and equipment, and makes repairs as sent in on work request. If the work to be performed can not be handled in the University shop, then arrangements will be made to send the unit to a garage for the needed/requested repairs. Automotive shop will also provide metal working needs such as welding, brazing, and cutting when requested. 

Environmental Health & Safety Services

Environmental Health and Safety Services will provide Right To Know Training; Hazardous Material Training; Fire Safety Training; and other safety training needs as requested. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be maintained and a copy will be provided withing five (5) working days upon written request unless it is an emergency. Training records will be maintained in the Physical Plant Department/Environmental Health and Safety Office. This section will coordinate the Pest Control information as pest control is applied to the various buildings on campus. 

Natural gas lines on campus will be maintained and inspected with coordination by the Georgia Public Service Commission/Gas Pipeline Safety Section and independent contractors. Fume hoods in the Science Building and the Roney Building will be inspected and certified on an annual basis by an independent contractor with coordination by the section. 

This section of Physical Plant will take care of concerns as they relate to the Americans With Disabilities Act (Facilities and Grounds). 

The Environmental Health and Safety section is responsible for holding fire drills throughout the entire campus on a quarterly basis. 

In case of a chemical spill, or other type of emergency of this nature, the Public Safety Office should be called first at 931-2245, available 24 hours per day. The Assistant Director of Physical Plant should be called at 931-2309 or the Director of Physical Plant at 931-2302. Physical Plant will work with Public Safety and other emergency personnel as needed. 

In case of natural disasters, Physical Plant will work with other emergency personnel to assist with providing whatever services that can be provided to reduce loss. 


The custodial services for Georgia Southwestern State University is contracted with ARAMARK. The on-site manager is responsible for cleaning operations on campus, which include, floor maintenance; window washing; trash removal from buildings, offices and the removal of trash from outside containers; cleaning of restrooms, showers, light fixtures; shampooing and vacuuming of carpet. The Gym floors are refinished annually. 

The custodial section is divided into a day and night shift: 

Day Shift

is responsible for the cleaning of the Residence Halls which includes bathrooms and all common areas daily. They are responsible for cleaning the rooms during the summer break when the Residence Halls are closed or when a room becomes vacant. They wash the windows once a year during the summer months. They pull the trash from the Residence Halls on a daily basis and on Saturday mornings. 

They are also responsible for cleaning the Library daily and monitoring the bathrooms in all buildings daily and for cleaning the Student Center daily. They strip and refinish the floor in the Residence Halls once a year during the summer break. 

Night Shift

is responsible for cleaning all academic and administration type buildings and the Gyms daily which includes vacuuming carpet; dusting desk; sweeping and mopping floor; pulling trash from offices and classrooms; cleaning bathrooms; cleaning the glass on doors daily; cleaning black boards; shampooing carpet on an as needed basis; stripping and refinishing hard floors at least once a year, or sooner if needed; washing windows once a year. 

The custodial service also collects newspapers and cardboard and places these items in recycling containers. 

The custodial service also provides three dumpsters, at the Contractor's expense, from the City of Americus which are located in the Physical Plant parking lot. 

Requests for services may be obtained by a written work request or by calling 924-8099. 

Call Back/Emergency Service Procedure

The Physical Plant Department provides 24 hours, 7 days a week emergency service. The normal working hours of shop personnel are 7:30 am until 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday. The Physical Plant office is open from 7:30 am until 5:00 PM. These hours may vary when summer hours are in effect. 

If an emergency exists after normal working hours the following procedure should be used: 

1. Notify the Public Safety Department of what the emergency maintenance problem is and where. Public Safety can be reached at extension 1390 or 931-2244 if after 5:00 PM. 

2. Public Safety will call the Director of Physical Plant or his/her designated representative informing them of the emergency maintenance problem. 

3. The Director will call the appropriate Physical Plant personnel to respond to the emergency. 

4. Employees who are called back to work are guaranteed a minimum of two (2) hours pay for the travel and disruption of personal hours. If the emergency requires more than two hours to complete, employees will be compensated for any additional time worked at the rate of time and one-half. 

5. In all cases when a electrical outage occurs on campus the Director or his/her representative must be notified. Installed electrical equipment may be damaged if the primary service is not reset properly or if there is a prolonged outage. 

6. Only Physical Plant employees are authorized to open transformer cabinets.