Auxiliary Services is a combination of self-supporting operations that exists to furnish a service directly or indirectly to students, faculty, and staff and charges a fee directly related to, but not necessarily equal to, the cost of the service". 

In accordance with Regents' Policy, Sec. 702.02, "These operations shall be placed on a self-supporting basis, and the State will not make an appropriation to finance its operations." 


All services operated (as Auxiliary Services) are by nature basically business services and direct management, control and supervision of the Chief Business office of the Institution". (Regents' Policy Section 7.11.01). 

The Director of Auxiliary Services is designated by the Vice President for Business and Finance to have the direct fiscal approval authority for all Auxiliary Services.

Residence Life

The Director Residence Life reports to the Assistant Dean for Students. All Housing policies are on file in this office in the Student Success Center. The Residence Life department is aligned under the Division of Student Affairs.

All single, full-time undergraduates who have earned less than 60 semester hours toward graduation, which does not include developmental studies credits, are required to live on-campus unless they are living with a parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile radius, are married, are 21 years of age or have their child living with them.

The Director Residence Life and Assistant Dean for Students coordinate all matters concerning Residence Life with the Vice President for Business Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs. All fiscal matters must be approved by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Food Services

The Dining Hall, Canes Den, Java City and C-Store are contracted to a private food service company. The director reports to the Director of Auxiliary Services who directs and coordinates all activities. 

Catering on campus is exclusive to the contracted private food service company.  Arrangements for special events and catering should be made directly with the Director of Food Services. 

Funds budgeted under Education and General may not be used to purchase food or drink except as authorized on a Travel Expense Statement. For additional clarification, please call Auxiliary Services or Accounting Office. 



The Bookstore is a self-supporting facility for the use and benefit of the University community. It is a vital link in the educational process not only in providing textbooks, but other supplies as well. The bookstore is normally open from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Fridays. These hours will vary from extended hours of operation at the beginning of each semester to limited summer and holiday schedules. 

Cash Control Policy

All Bookstore cash sales and other cash receipts (commission, vendor refunds, etc.) should be recorded on a cash register so there will be a dated, chronological record of entry. 

Each cashier will be responsible for their cash drawer during their shift. The register should be cleared and balanced daily by the Assistant Manager, who will then verify and complete the daily report. Deposits are made to Student Accounts. During rush periods, deposits will be made directly to the bank institution. 

All unattended monies should be secured in a locked drawer or safe. All deposits should be made immediately after reports are complete. Public Safety should be contacted when large sums of money are transferred. 

Acceptable Payment for Merchandise Policy

Checks, cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, store gift cards financial aid and third party vouchers are acceptable as payment for the purchase of merchandise in the Bookstore. 

Some points on accepting checks: 

Checks must have an imprinted account number on them. Counter checks which have the account number written in are not acceptable. 

Checks must be payable to "GSW Bookstore". 

All checks should have the customer's Student ID number or driver’s license number. Verify the number against a valid student ID or driver's license. 

The writing on the check must be legible; especially the written amount of the purchase. 

Traveler's Checks are acceptable. Be sure both customer's signatures look identical. 

Customers may write checks for $25.00 over the amount of purchase if the above conditions are met, and the Bookstore has sufficient petty cash. The Bookstore does not cash checks over $25.00; refer customers to the Student Accounts or a local bank. 

Customer Returns/Refund Policy

The Bookstore offers refunds or adjustments as a courtesy to those students who have changed classes. The key points of the policy are as follows: 

All requests for refunds or adjustments must be accompanied by a cash register receipt. 

A refund of 100% will be allowed until the last day to add/drop classes. New textbooks must be in mint condition with no writing or marks of any kind 

If a new book has been written in, damaged or has its shrinkwrap removed, at least a 25% charge will be deducted from the price. 

If the customer does not have a receipt or has exceeded the return date, suggest returning the book at buy-back during finals. 

Defective new textbooks will be replaced without charge. Defective used textbooks will be repaired or replaced depending on the nature of the defect. 

Items other than textbooks are eligible for a refund within two weeks of purchase with a cash register receipt. Items must be in "new" condition; clothing cannot be worn or washed.

Campus Parking

Student, faculty and staff parking is provided and operated through Public Safety. Students are charged an annual parking fee payable each Fall Semester. This fee is prorated for students entering after this time. Faculty and staff are provided parking at no cost. A current decal (available from Public Safety) must be displayed by all students, faculty, and staff parking a vehicle on campus. All vehicles must have the minimum liability insurance coverage as required by Georgia law. 

Refer to Public Safety Section for more specific information. 

Student Health Center

The Health Center Director reports to Vice President Students Affairs. The Health Center is aligned under the Division of Students Affairs.

The Health Center staff is comprised of the university physician and two nurse practitioners, one of whom serves as the Director of the Health Center and one registered nurse. The Health Center is open to students on a walk-in basis during the daytime and early evening hours. If a student needs emergency medical assistance when the Health Center is closed, the student should contact the Residence Life staff member on duty or Public Safety.

The semester health fee, paid by each student enrolled for three or more hours, entitles the student to consultation services with the professional staff of the Health Center. The University physician is available for patient visits at the Health Center on Friday mornings.

The services of GSW's university physician and nurse practitioners are available to all faculty and staff. Services include wellness care, acute minor illness or injury care, blood pressure checks, blood glucose monitoring, a women's clinic, and a men's clinic. Faculty and staff have the option of paying the student health per semester fee, which is presently $70, or paying per visit per treatment. A listing of these fees is available in the Health Center. Health Center hours are 7:30 am to 5:00pm on Monday through Thursday and 8:00am to 3:00pm on Friday.

Prescriptions for medications have to be obtained from the pharmacy of the patients’ choice and are the financial responsibility of the patient for whom they are prescribed.

Hospitalization, laboratory and x-ray services, and consultations with non-University medical specialist are not included in the semester health services fee. The Health Center staff, however, will assist the student in making appointments with a dentist or medical specialist.

Vending Services 

All vending services are contracted with private vendors. These vendors are: 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company - Drinks Only 

Mac-Gray Company - Residence Hall Washers & Dryers 

Americus Vending Company - Snacks 

Other Auxiliary Services

Other service operations may be added to these Auxiliary Services as the need arises. 

In regard to outside business operations, the following Regents' policy should be noted: 

"Institutions of the University System shall not permit the operation of private business enterprises on their campuses, except as otherwise provided by contract. All business enterprises operated on a campus of an Institution of the University System shall be operated as Auxiliary Enterprises and shall be under the direct management, control and supervision of the Chief Business Officer of the Institution." (BR Minutes, 1948-49, pp. 219-20; 1966-67, p. 354 and Regents' Policy 711.02). 

Copy Center


To provide high quality duplicating at the lowest possible cost. 


Five, high speed copiers with many special features are located throughout the University. They are available to all University departments that have been assigned an Entry Code. 

Only official University material may be duplicated. Only University budgeted functions will be assigned an Entry Code. 

It is the responsibility of each department to protect their Entry Code. All copies made against an Entry Code will be charged to your account monthly. If you feel you have lost the security on your Entry Code, you may request it be changed. 

Small convenience copiers are available in most departments for short run copying and test. Copies of student test may be made in any quantity if the instructor feels security might be a problem. Copies exceeding 10 to 15 of one original should be made on their assigned high volume copier. 

All employees are reminded to obey all copyright restrictions in using any University copier/duplicator. 

The rate per copy is adjusted as needed to respond to operating cost. Please check with Staff Assistant for Logistical Support in the Office of Vice President for Business and Finance for rates and services. 

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