Graduates of the Last Decade


You Know Who You Are:

  1. You’re still paying off student loans.
  2. You spend your weekends attending weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers.
  3. Secretly you miss mixers/frat parties.
  4. You panic with each year in anticipation of the big 3-0 (if you haven’t reached it already).
  5. You wonder where the last three, five, or seven years have gone.
  6. Everyone at Pat’s Place or Floyds still knows your name.
  7. You are working very hard to establish your career.
  8. You graduated somewhere between 2003 and 2013.

The GSW Alumni Affairs office knows our recent grads and younger alumni have different needs from the rest of our alums so we’ve established the GOLD program. We try our best to take into consideration your enthusiasm and interests as we plan programs and events specifically catered to the interests of GOLD alumni. We want to re-energize the GSW pride and traditions among GOLD alumni and connect you to alumni, students, and the GSW community.

Send Us Your Suggestions

What kind of events, services, issues and volunteer opportunities interest you most?

Email us at or call 229-928-1373 or 866-673-0436 with suggestions of events in which you are interested such as:

  • Lectures by GSW Faculty, Staff or Alumni
  • GSW Happy Hours at a local bar or restaurant
  • Community Service Events
  • Reunion Events
  • Admissions Recruitment Events
  • GOLD Alumni Giving
  • Travel Tours
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities on campus

GOLD Alumni Council

Are you interested in becoming a member of the GOLD Alumni Council? The GOLD Council will consist of graduates of the last decade who are committed to developing unique programs specifically for our young alumni. GOLD Council members serve as educated and empowered advocates of GSW.   The committee will meet on an as-needed basis to discuss current and proposed initiatives.

If interested, please email Karen Holloway, Director of Alumni Affairs, at or call 229-931-2149.

Update Your Information

Keep us updated with your current address, job status, births, marriages, and personal or professional achievements! Click here to update your information. Also, while on the website please register for the Online Alumni Directory.