Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Alumni Association of Georgia Southwestern State University was founded in 1971, with 180 members and an elected Board of Directors that was presided by Rudolph Patterson.  Our Board Members welcome your input and encourage you to contact them if you wish to assist our planning committees with upcoming alumni events.  To contact the alumni office please call toll free (866)673-0436 or email

LenHicks.jpgLen Hicks, Class of '75
DougMoses.jpgDoug Moses, Class of '97
Past President
Lemond HallLemond Hall, Class of '98
Vice President
RickyArnold.jpgRicky Arnold, Class of ‘76
Ervin AndersonErvin Anderson, Class of '93
Russ Barnes, Class of '87
Arthur modified.jpg
Arthur Clark, Class of 2000
Cheryl Fletcher
Cheryl Turner Fletcher, Class of '82
JoinerEva Joiner, Class of 2000
Cody King, Class of '90
Billy King newBilly King, Class of '81
GuerryMashburnGuerry Mashburn, Class of ‘74
Dwayne Myles
Dwayne Myles, Class of 2002
Rudolph Patterson, Class of '59
Jimmy PeelJimmy Peel, Class of '80
Will Peterson, Class of 2000
Lamar Lamar Radford, Class of 2000 
Liz RufElizabeth (Liz) Harpe Ruf, Class of '76
Kathleen Tucker
Kathleen Lang -Tucker, Class of 2000
Mary Wysochansky, Class of '89

         Lifetime Board Members

Betty Hamilton Anderson, Class of ‘46

Daphne Ann Chambless, Class of '50

Glynn Mathis, Class of '51