GeorgiaVIEW Help

There is 24x7x365 online support for GeorgiaVIEW via the D2L Help Center (DHC):

  • The Center is available to answer GaVIEW questions and to provide technical support for GaVIEW students and faculty
  • How to use the D2L Help Center? Read the instruction
  • To speak with a D2L Help Center agent, call the D2L Support Hotline:
    • Toll free 1-855-772-0423

GSW GeorgiaVIEW Help

  • Contact the on-campus GSW GeorgiaVIEW Help at or call 229-931-2969
    • GSW GeorgiaVIEW Help is available Monday through Friday during business hours

GeorgiaVIEW Announcements 

A reminder: There is a delay of 24 - 48 hours from the day a student registers for a class to the day the student actually has access to the course in GeorgiaVIEW.