I followed the reset password instruction but I have not received an email with the password reset link

Often times this happens because one or more of the following has occurred:

  • The user typed in the incorrect username. Make sure that you enter your username which is the first part of your RADAR email address: everything BEFORE the @ symbol.
  • The user failed to check his/her campus issued email account. Make sure that you can access your GSW student RADAR email account.
  • The user clicked on the link and entered in a correct username more than one time in 60 minutes. 
  • The email with the password reset link was delayed or routed to your junk email folder. Be patient and check your junk folder.
  • The user has waited over 72 hours before checking email after clicking on the Forgot Password link. The reset password link expires 72 hour(s) after your initial request.
  • The user entered in his/her credentials multiple times in a row, so his/her account is locked out. User is blocked out for 5 minutes after entering the incorrect credentials several times in a row.  Wait for 5 minutes and try to reset you password. If you still cannot log in with the new password, contact gaview@gsw.edu.