Can I install a brand new version of my web browser?


  • When it comes to updating or upgrading ANY software component to use with GeorgiaVIEW, it is strongly recommended NOT to install it for a while

  • The newest version is probably NOT SUPPORTED by GaVIEW and is more likely to cause problems

  • Software which is not fully supported for use with GaVIEW Vista may work fine, for most online learning tasks... or not

  • All USG GaVIEW users are strongly discouraged from updating key software elements in the middle of a semester.

  • Disable automatic updates on your computer and DO NOT update your browser or Java until the semester is over
    • If you use Firefox browser:
      • Go to Tools on the menu bar on top
      • Click Option and click the Advanced tab
      • Click the Update tab
      • Uncheck "Automatically install updates..."
      • Instead, check "Never check for updates...". Click OK.
    • To prevent Java from updating:
      • Click the Start (Windows operating system) button, click Control Panel
      • Click the Java tea-cup icon and click the Update tab
      • Uncheck the "Check for Updates Automatically" box
      • On the pop-up window, select "Never Check"
      • Click Apply and click OK.