Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs at GSW

Welcome to Georgia Southwestern State University. We want all of our students to have an exciting, fun, rewarding and successful enrollment at GSW. This is YOUR campus!!!!! Our campus is also a community, and this community forms our GSW family. As a member of our GSW family, each of us has a role to play in making GSW successful. GSW is not successful if our students are not successful. GSW’s ultimate goals for each student include enhancing your learning skills, helping you to successfully complete your program of study, assisting you in obtaining employment, and helping you to become a responsible citizen. Our University has many faculty, staff members, administrators, and other students who will help you along the way. Please remember that your top priority should be your academic studies. We also have many student organizations, and we hope you will find one, or more, that you can become involved in. Although we already have many outstanding student leaders at GSW, there is always room for more. We want you to succeed and will pledge our commitment to make this happen; but you will also need to do your part. Together we can be a winning combination and your success can be guaranteed. Again, welcome to GSW. We look forward to working with you!!