Assessment & Evaluation

Philosophy & Expectations:

In carrying out our mission, Georgia Southwestern State University's Division of Student Affairs is guided by Student Development Theory. This theory views students in a holistic fashion and employs it as a guiding principle in its delivery of services and programs to students. In doing so, it recognizes the need to understand and know the extent and levels of effectiveness and efficiency of its services and programs.

Of equivalent importance is the need to understand and know about students in general; this includes but is not limited to their: experiences, holistic development, impressions, successes, involvement in campus life, involvement in community and service learning efforts, and perceptions and beliefs about the overall campus environment. In order to determine our levels of success regarding these issues, ongoing and/or periodic evaluation and assessment efforts shall be employed by all departments/units/areas to enhance the Division's influence on students' experiences at Georgia Southwestern State University. Specifically, each department/unit/area will:

  • Conduct assessment and evaluation of their services and/or programs on an ongoing basis
  • Utilize the CAS [Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education] Standards as a guide and reference for employing assessment and evaluation strategies in their respective areas
  • Utilize their assessment and evaluation results to modify programs and services in their respective areas
  • Stay abreast of current dialogues, literature, and research about student development and assessment and evaluation in the Student Affairs profession
  • Cultivate and monitor compliance with SACS and the Council for the Advance of Standards in Higher Education [CAS] criteria, relative to activities, programs, and services provided via the Division of Student Affairs.