About Student Affairs

Vision Statement

Student Affairs at Georgia Southwestern State University believes that

all students can accomplish success by having access to and inclusion in myriad academic, campus co-curricular, service learning and global community experiences. Student Affairs hope that these experiences will lead our students to become curious and critical thinkers, innovative and ethical leaders and responsible citizens within our global community.


The Division of Student Affairs (DSA) was created to complement the mission, goals and priorities of Georgia Southwestern State University. Student Affairs, in collaboration with Academic Affairs and other campus’ offices, serve as equal partners in the educational process and learning experiences for students. The DSA's mission is aimed toward the creation of a campus environment which encourages students to develop autonomy, emotional maturity, values, and appreciation of cultural differences, tolerance, and interpersonal skills through meaningful programs and services as well as through interactions with students, faculty, staff and others. The staff of the Division is committed to working with students, faculty and staff from all areas of the University to build an open, inclusive, intellectual, and collaborative community. The Division is also engaged in developing and maintaining partnerships with external constituents. In carrying out our mission, we are guided by Student Development Theory. This theory views students in a holistic fashion and emphasizes seven primary areas; these seven areas provide a blueprint for the DSA to provide activities, programs, services, facilities and support for all students that:

  • Compliment their developmental growth in an holistic perspective,
  • Recognize diverse talents and backgrounds while providing unifying common experiences
  • Cultivate civility in interactions to enhance intellectual freedom and scholarly debate
  • Promote active participation in learning and discovery
  • Enhance the preparation of responsible leaders and enlightened citizens for the university and global communities
  • Develop respect for the notion of community and supports the desire for group affiliation
  • Enhance students' involvement in community, service learning and volunteer opportunities.


The hallmarks of our work with and support of colleagues and students include:

  • respect for each persons' dignity
  • fairness and honesty
  • trust and due process

Moreover, the DSA strives for quality, continuous evaluation, improvement, and innovation in its work.

In particular, the Division of Student Affairs' mission requires the staff and departments to focus upon:

  • Advocacy on behalf of student needs and interests;
  • Stewardship in meeting basic safety, health, and welfare needs of students;
  • Campus environments in which all factions of our student body participate and become part of a community of learning;
  • Educationally-oriented residence halls
  • Advising student clubs and organizations, personal counseling, and career counseling
  • Orientation programs that reach all entering, new undergraduate students
  • Varying co-curricular activities and programs
  • Programs that encourage student participation in voluntary, community and public service
  • Student government and student leadership programs that are respected and well-supported, among others.


The broad goals of the Division of Student Affairs include the following:

  • Supporting the goals and priorities of GSW
  • Working with other units to assure that the general welfare of the student body remains a high priority and is safe and protected at all times
  • Enhancing the living/learning environment at Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Maintaining fiduciary responsibility to the University community
  • Assisting students in translating university learning into future contributions to our global community
  • Supporting and enhancing student leadership opportunities and programs
  • Enhancing the University's ability to respond to students' needs