PIT Crew

The purpose of the Programmers in Training (Pit Crew) Program is to build a strong volunteer base of students who can aid in the planning and implementation of events. Throughout their time as members of the Pit Crew, they should be learning the in’s and out’s of programming to potentially be CAB members in the future.

PIT Crew Perks

  • Guaranteed giveaways at the event you work
  • Double punches on CAB Fare Cards
  • Recognition of the TOP 5 PIT Crew members
  • Special PIT Crew only events
  • Inside knowledge of upcoming programs

PIT Crew t-shirt after completion of 3 events

Point System
Pit Crew members will accrue points throughout the semester. The top five crew members will be awarded prizes for their support. Points will be given out as follows:

  •          Volunteering the day of the event (includes set up and breakdown): 10 points
  •          Volunteering in the planning: 10 points
  •          Attending CAB events (not volunteering): 5 points per event
  •          Promoting CAB events on their social media sites (must show document proof – limited to 1 post per
             day per site): 1 point per media site
  •          Filling up & turning in CAB Fare: 15 points

To join the PIT Crew fill out the form here! You will be contacted when your membership has been approved. For questions or concerns regarding the PIT Crew, contact Josh Curtin josh.curtin@gsw.edu.