Campus Activities Board

Mission statement

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) exists in order to initiate and coordinate programming on a University-wide basis that will complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall educational experience of students through the development of, exposure to, existence of, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and governance programs.

Code of Ethics

The CAB serves as a unifying force that honors each individual and values diversity. The CAB fosters a sense of community that cultivates enduring loyalty to the University.

Description of Services/Operational Overview

The Campus Activities Board exists to provide diverse programming to a diverse body of students. The areas of programming that the Campus Activities Board provides are: recreational, social, cultural, intellectual and education programming. These services are provided to all GSW students at a minimal or no costs.

Engaging, Educating, Exciting…

The Georgia Southwestern State University Campus Activities Board exists to provide many forms of entertainment to the students of GSW outside of academia.   Programming exists for the purpose of social interaction amongst classmates, to educate students where they would not typically have an opportunity to be educated and to free their minds of the normal daily activities of college life.

Relation to Mission

Consistent with the University's mission, commitment and goals, the Campus Activities Board is committed to developing and providing challenging experiences for our students in preparation for successful careers, leadership roles, productive citizenship, and a satisfying quality of life. In addition, the Campus Activities Board provides leadership opportunities for all board members and volunteers, for all participants of CAB’s efforts in provides a social network and an opportunity to explore new interests.

Goals & Objectives

1. To continually increase the number of students who participate in campus activities board events during the academic school year by 10% of each continuous program.

2. To provide programming during the Summer Semesters at GSW.

3. To continually improve the quality and excitability of programming of which CAB provides.

4. To increase faculty and staff participation in Campus Activities Board events.

5. To increase our budget by 10% over the next three years to allow more student programming on campus.

6. To utilize and promote GSW’s new activities website located at

7. To provide at least 2 educational programs per semester for the students at GSW per academic year.

8. To continually improve our volunteer program and foster its members.

9. To work with GSW’s faculty and staff in creating co-sponsored events that taylor to 4 schools. (School of Business, School of Arts & Science, School of Nursing & School of Education.)