Office of Reservations

The Office of Reservations is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Success Center, office number 3416. All reservations are made online. The Office of Reservations is committed to providing you with full attention for all facility needs under its purview. The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for the following locations:

  • Lakehouse
  • Student Success Center Conference Rooms SSC 2410, 2413 & 2417. (Larger Rooms)
  • Student Government Association Conference Room (SSC 3447)
  • 2nd Floor Corridors of the SSC
  • Student Success Center Gameroom (limited reservations)
  • Marshall Student Center Hallway
  • Marshall Student Center Patio
  • Sanford Lawn
  • Centennial Plaza
  • Intramural Gym
  • Aerobics Room/ Dance Studio
  • Exercise Room 1170
  • Outside areas (Intramural Fields, Baseball/Softball Field, Soccer Field, Pines/Magnolia) 

All reservations are made online. Please feel free to contact Joshua Curtin with questions regarding reservations for specific requests. You can reach her at or (229) 931-2377.

All reservations for the above listed facilities/areas must go through the Division of Student Affairs Reservations Office. Reservations can be made online by clicking here.

You can see what rooms are available by checking the online student activities calendar, and seeing if the room you need is available.  Click here.

All reservations must be requested at least five business days before the facility is being requested. Exceptions can be made in emergency situations only with the approval of the Director of Campus Life. In the event that you need to make a change in your requested reservation, please email the Office of reservations at with your specific requests that need to be made.

** Your reservation will only be official when you receive an email confirmation back from the Office of Reservations. You will need to bring this confirmation to your reservation spot in the event there is a question.

When a facility has been scheduled, the reservation staff will issue a confirmation of the reservation via email from within two business days of the transaction. This confirmation will also be sent to the Diversco (Company in charge of setup) and Public Safety (Office in charge of making sure the facility is unlocked and secure) We will only send email confirmations in an effort to conserve trees and save paper. Should you not receive an email confirmation within two days, please email or call the Josh in the SSC 3411 (229) 931-2377. Should you call the Office of Reservations and no one answers, please leave a message on the answering machine and someone will respond to you within 1 business day.

In the event of a facility emergency and Office of Reservation personnel cannot be located, please call: Joshua Curtin (229) 931-2377 or Darcy Bragg at (229) 931-2378.

**If Organizations or Outside groups request to use meeting areas within the Division of Student Affairs, and do not show up for their meetings without canceling their reservation, privileges can be revoked.

Organizations or individuals making requests will be held responsible for making sure that the location is left clean after each use. If you do not request a setup and you change the setup from what was already in place you are responsible for setting it back up the way it was found. If these policies are not followed privileges will be taken from whatever organization or outside group the reservation is requested under. Please also be aware that no setup requests will be allowed for Saturday and Sunday events. GSW does not have the weekend staff to do setups on Saturday or Sunday.

Additional Reservations Information:

Reservations that are made for the sound system are the same as those for facility/area reservations. The sound system must be picked up from the Office of Reservations on the day of the event and returned by noon the following day. If the following days happens to be a weekend, it must be turned in the following Monday by noon.

The Student Affairs Conference Room (Room#3426) will be handled through Mrs. Kina Davis you can reach her at (229) 928-1387, or via email at

For more information on policies and how to reserve all facilities on campus, please click on the facility manual:

GSW Facility Manual