Outdoor Adventure Center

Georgia Southwestern State University Outdoor Adventure Club is a relative new comer to the community of GSW organizations. The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for students and community members to participate in, and become aware of, a variety of outdoor adventure experiences, with the benefit of knowledgeable leadership. Upcoming trips, education sessions, and informative links to other outdoor adventure experiences are available through this site.

Participation in all OAC experiences is purely voluntary. Most of the trips require a small fee to cover the cost of equipment usage, transportation, or user fees at the locations we may go to. All money collected goes toward providing safe and enjoyable experiences for the participants in our outings. The OAC will offer one trip a month, and have one meeting a month. The meetings are open to the public as are the trips. We are always looking for new members and new locations. Participants are encouraged to research trip locations and adventure activities and bring these ideas to the meetings. If the group is interested in a particular event then that trip can be added, or substituted into the schedule of activities.

The OAC is not a guide service and does not provide formal training, or cater to the individual needs or hygiene requirements of our participants. We are a volunteer trip club committed to promoting safe exploration and experience of the wonders in our natural environment.