Personal Training

Personal Training services at GSW are a safe and effective way to help meet your fitness and wellness goals.  A nationally certified fitness professional will assist you in developing an orderly exercise routine designed to meet your fitness goals and needs.  Combining personal training with other fitness programs will provide you with the well-rounded package you need to improve your health and fitness.

A Personal Trainer will work with you to:

  • Establishing reachable and realistic goals
  • Increasing participant's fitness level
  • Motivating participant throughout their program
  • Educating participants in various aspects of fitness conditioning by teaching advance training methods

Personal Trainers also recommend and instruct proper exercise techniques while teaching safe and effective use of fitness equipment.  Both individual and partner sessions (2 people) are available depending on your needs and packages range from one to 15 session options. 

How much does it cost?

Packages are designed reasonably in order to provide the best quality service at a low cost to currently enrolled GSW affiliated patrons as well as GSW Fitness Members and Hurricane Club Members (HC).  Each package with FIVE sessions or more will include the initial consultation and fitness assessment.  These offerings are built in to the price listed.


GSW Student/Faculty/Staff (please select)GSW Fitness Member or HC (please select)
☐ Consultation (No Personal Training): $20☐ Consultation (No Personal Training):  $22
☐ Single One Hour Session: $25☐ Single One Hour Session:  $28
☐ 5-One Hour Sessions: $20/session, $100☐ 5-One Hour Sessions:  $22/session, $110
☐ 10-One Hour Sessions:  $15/session, $150☐ 10-One Hour Sessions:  $17/session, $170
☐ 15-One Hour Sessions:  $11/session, $165☐ 15-One Hour Sessions:  $13/session, $195
☐ Single Partner Session:  $18/person/session☐ Single Partner Session:  $20/person/session
☐ 5-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $15/person/session☐ 5-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $17/person/session
☐ 10-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $12/person/session☐ 10-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $14/person/session
☐ 15-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $10/person/session☐ 15-One Hour Partner Sessions:  $12/person/session


These programs are 4 weeks long; they will have a start and end date. If sessions are not completed within the designated time period, they will be forfeited.
☐ Fundamental Foundation: $150
Check back later or contact us for descriptions.

☐ Weight Management: $170
☐ Performance Enhancement: $200

How do I schedule a session?

  • Clients may inquire about Personal Training in the Fitness Center, SSC 1179, between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.
  • Clients will be given a policies & procedures packet that they will have to take to Student Accounts, Marshall Student Center on campus, for payment processing.
  • After payment, Clients MUST turn in all completed paperwork to SSC 1179 before their first appointment. This gives the Personal Trainer time to evaluate and prepare for each client.
  • GSW Fitness and Wellness reserves the rights to request a physician’s clearance form if necessary.
  • A Personal Trainer will contact the prospective client about the initial fitness assessment.
  • Future appoints may be scheduled with the Personal Trainer after the client completes an initial fitness assessment.
  • All males 45 years and above and all females 55 years and over are required to have a Physician's Release prior to participating in this exercise program.

Please complete the forms below and bring them to the Fitness Center, SSC 1179:



Pam Cummins

Hi! My name is Pam Cummins. I am originally from Indiana, but have lived in Americus, GA for 19 years. I am married to an amazing man; and we have 3 awesome, teenage guys. I am grateful to be able to work for GSW in the Admissions Office. I have been a certified personal trainer for over 2 years; and I have been a certified group fitness instructor for over 16 years.

Education: BA in Telecommunications ’85, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
Certifications: Red Cross Adult CPR & AED, SCW Personal Trainer, AFAA Primary Group Fitness
Availability: W & F 6:00a.m. Remember: The hardest part is getting there… after that it’s easy! 80% of success in fitness is showing up!
Fitness Philosophy: Mind over Matter - The struggle with fitness is getting your mind to agree to do it.
Favorite quote: "It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor" Cicero, 106-43 BC
Hobbies: Anything outdoors preferably on or near water.


Mikey Landreth

I'm a senior at GSW, double majoring in Exercise Science and Psychology. My real passion is wrestling, and that is what has kept me interested in fitness and strength training. In fact, wrestling has helped define who I am and my goals in life more than any other aspect of life.

Education: Senior at GSW; Psychology and Exercise Science major
Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer
Availability: Monday/Wednesday 6am-9am; Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm
Fitness Philosophy: Train for life, and better yourself every day. Six-pack abs and other aesthetic goals are fine but ultimately, the most important goal of fitness should be to live a better life- to make living and getting through the days easier.
Favorite quote: "We will all die. We will all be in a lot of pain. It’s all coming our way. It’s inevitable, it’s part of life. But in the mean time, you might as well train like a savage." – Mark Bell
Hobbies: Playing guitar, wrestling, boxing, MMA, reading, and cooking.



Kellan Cox



Shalita Dickson

Education: Bachelor’s Science in Nursing, Georgia State University (Present) Bachelor’s Science in Exercise Physiology, Valdosta State University (2012)
Certification: CPR/AED/First Aid Certification Group Fitness Certification
Availability: Monday-Thursday 5-8PM
Fitness Philosophy: Hard Work Pays Off!
Favorite Quote: "To get what you never had, you have to do what you have never done."
Hobbies: Shopping, Singing, Working Out, Sports, Movies, Traveling


The Personal Training Program is designed for healthy individuals of the Georgia Southwestern campus community/affiliates. The program is not designed for pre or post-natal women, individuals on medication or under the direct care of a physician, individuals with physiological injury. Individuals with special needs should obtain specialized instructions from their attending physician prior to participation.