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Are you new to the GSW Fitness Center or new to exercise in general?

Then ask one of the Fitness Assistants on duty for a Fitness Center Orientation. The service is free for students, staff, and members. You will learn about the equipment and machines and how to use them as well as information on programs and services offered at the Fitness Center.

The GSW Fitness Center is located in the Student Success Center on the first floor. The facility is free for students, staff, faculty, and Hurricane Club members to use. You must have a current GSW ID. The facility is supervised by our student Fitness Staff and Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness.

The Fitness Center has a full weight room, including Cybex machines and free weights, treadmills, arc trainers, stationary bikes, and flat screen TVs for your enjoyment.

To help prevent the spread of illness and disease, we recommend you bring a towel and wipe off equipment before and after use. The Fitness Center does provide sanitizing spray and towels as well.