Fitness Center FAQ

Q – Is there someone who can show me how to use the machines?

A – Yes.  The Fitness Supervisors at the front desk during operation hours can assist those who need help with the equipment.

Q – What is the appropriate attire for the Fitness Center and Group Exercise classes?

A – Proper athletic attire is required (closed toe/heel shoes, athletic shorts, athletic shirt).  No cargo shorts, jeans, belts, or pants that contain zippers, rivots, or buttons that could potentially harm the equipment. Use best judgment when assessing excessive pockets.  Cut off sleeves are permitted.  Shirt must cover the nipple and belly button area at all times. Use best judgment for tennis skirts and short shorts.

Footwear must be in the form of running, tennis, or weight lifting shoes.  Boots are not allowed.  Specialty shoes are at the discretion of the fitness staff.  Vibram 5 fingered shoes are permitted only on the cardio deck.

Q – Why is an ID required to enter into the Fitness Center?

A – An ID is required to protect the interest of those who have paid to use the facility.  Students pay activity fees every semester where a percentage goes toward the facility usage.  Additionally, as a safety precaution and statistical analysis, we require that IDs be presented and swiped at the front desk.

Q – Can I bring a guest to the Fitness Center?

A – Yes.  Single entry guest passes are permitted for $5.  Information and whereabouts of sign-up and payment can be located at  Guests must be 16 or older.

Q – Are you open to the community?

A – Yes.  We have a limited number of memberships available that can be purchased through Student Accounts in the Marshall Student Center on campus. Go to: for more information.

Q – Can students or student organizations reserve the Group Exercise Room?

A – Reservations can be made through Angie Christmas-Reddick at Reserve@canes.gsw.eduas long as certain criteria are met.

Q – Is it possible to join the Fitness Center at a discounted rate and only attend Group Exercise classes?

A – No.  Once in the Student Success Center, it is hard to limit where patrons go, so this is not permitted.

Q – Do you loan out equipment?

A – Yes.  We have a limited amount of equipment that may be checked out at the Front Desk of the Fitness Center.  This equipment includes:  basketballs, racquets and balls, and jump ropes.  You must have identification in order to check out equipment.

Q – Are students allowed to have their family members join the Fitness Center?

A – Yes.  As long as the currently enrolled student and the perspective member reside in the same household, any immediate family member 16 years of age or older may join the Fitness Center.

Q –Do you have personal trainers?

A – At this time, we do not have a personal training program set up.  We are, however, working diligently on providing this service very soon.  We do, however, have a degreed and certified fitness professional (Director of Fitness/Wellness) who can answer your question during regular business hours.  You may contact her at

Q – Do you have a Registered Dietician/Nutritionist on site?

A – No.  Not at this time.

Q – Do you have massage therapy?

A – No.  Not at this time.