Forms and Applications


Inter-Fraternity Council Constitution

Panhellenic Council Constitution

National Panhellenic Council Constitution



Social Event Request Form (To be filled out if using Golf and Conference Center)

Weekend Initiative Event Form (Due 10 business days prior to event)

Sound Equipment Rental Form (Due 10 business days prior to event)

Student Organization Facility Reservation Form (Jackson Peformance Hall & Fine Arts Theatre Only)



Inter-Fraternity Council Wildcat Form (Due before signing on New Member)

Inter-Fraternity Council Recruitment Form (Due before formal recruitment)

Inter-Fraternity Council Bid Acceptance Form (Due on Bid Day or right after Bid Day)

National Panhellenic Council Interest Form (Turn into a member of NPHC for more information)

Panhellenic Council Recruitment Form (Due before formal recruitment)

Panhellenic Recruitment Background Information Form (Due before formal recruitment if needed)



Community Outreach Form (Philanthropy) (Due to Kina Davis before the 5th of each month)

Organization Registration Form (Due by last Friday of August)

Officer, Advisor & Membership Form (Due when Officer Transition takes place)

Change or Removal of Member(s) Form (Due when organization members drops or is dropped or when adding new members to the organization that may have transferred in)

Greek Grades Consent Release Form (Due before any grades can be picked up by a Executive Board member)

New Member Bill of Rights (Due after Recruitment or Wildcat signing)

Chapter Report of Officers (Due after officer installation)

Chapter Profile (Due at the beginning of every Fall semester)

Greek Monthly Report (Due last Thursday of each month) (Due at the Greek President's Meeting, Last Friday of every month)

End of the Year Report Student Organizations (Due by the last day of each Spring semester)



Greek Man/Woman of the Year Form (Due by April 1st)

Greek Organization of the Year Form (Due by April 1st)



The following reports have been provided for all Greek Organizations convenience. Please take note of when these reports should be filled out. Should you require more assistance, contact the Office of Campus Life at 229-931-2377.