Greek Alumni Council Mission Statement:

The Greek Alumni Council will consist of alumni with interest, knowledge and experience with the GSW University fraternity and sorority system.

The GAC will operate as a forum to discuss, understand and influence the operations of this system and provide for its betterment.

The GAC, in cooperation with the Inter-fraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and National Panhellenic council, will identify problem areas and help to develop solutions and policies to enhance the Greek system.

The GAC will work to assure that friendly and cooperative relations exist among the Greeks, GSW administration and the public.


What does the GAC do?

Works with Facilities Services, Residential Services, Student Affairs, Greek Life and the Public Relations Office, to review matters directly related to the Greek system.


Has both a Fall and Spring general meeting. This includes all committee members, undergraduates and alumni representatives from each Greek organization, and appropriate GSW administrators. During these meetings topics are discussed that directly concern the entire Greek system.


A. To encourage sound undergraduate management of fraternities and sororities through advice and council, and to provide continuity to undergraduate chapter obligations.
B. To coordinate and plan Greek activities and communications and stimulate Greek interests at GSW for the mutual benefit of all member organizations.
C. To develop and promote cooperation between Greek organizations and the College authorities, to the end that the conditions of the Greeks and their relations with the College authorities may be improved.
D. To insure cooperation among the Greek organizations at GSW.

Greek Alumni Council Board Members

Len Hicks Sigma Chi Fraternity President

Tracy Law Sigma Chi Fraternity Vice President

Carson Walker Sigma Chi Fraternity Risk Management

Joshua Curtin Chi Phi Fraternity Greek Relations

Oris Bryant Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Treasurer

Kim Comer Kappa Delta Sorority Communications


Greek Alumni Constitution

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