Campus Traditions

Campus Pride Day

Twice a year, faculty, staff, and students work together on a campus beautification project.

Hello Walk

The wide paved walkway from the library to the Student Success Center is called “hello walk”. It is tradition to say “hello” to those you pass on this walkway.

Move-In Day

A special day is set aside prior to the beginning to Fall semester when faculty and staff volunteers help the new freshmen class move into their residence hall rooms.

Welcome Week

The first full week of Fall semester is packed with fun and informative programs and events to help the new and returning students meet one other, get reacquainted, and start the academic year off right!

Significance of the Winds

GSW’s mascot is the Hurricane. Several references to the winds/weather can be found around campus such as: street names, R.A.I.N, Aeolian (alumni newsletter), The Sou’wester (student newspaper), Zephyrs (recruitment team), Sirocco (Student Literary Magazine) etc.

Student Appreciation Day

Held on the last day of class during Spring semester, the faculty and staff host an outdoor picnic with games, door prizes, and giveaways to show their appreciation to the student body.

Fall Fest

During the Fall semester, usually in October, the ATOD task force (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) puts on a special week for all students, faculty, and staff to come and celebrate by providing activities that don’t involve drugs or alcohol and still allows students to have a good time.

Homecoming Week

Homecoming occurs during the month of February while Men’s & Women’s Basketball season is still in session. Many activities are scheduled for this spirit-filled week. The highlight of Homecoming is typically the recognition of the Homecoming Court and the crowning of the King and Queen.

Taste of the World

This is an annual international festival held at GSW every April. Students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to enjoy food, music, and the cultures of many countries.