Student Conduct Office

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Georgia Southwestern State University Student Conduct Office is to adjudicate violations of the Student Conduct Code. As such, it functions as an aspect of the University's educational process. The goals of the Student Conduct Office are: 

1. to promote a campus environment that supports the overall educational mission of the University; 
2. to protect the University community from disruption and harm; 
3. to encourage appropriate standards of individual and group behavior; and 
4. to foster ethical standards and civic virtues.

The Office of Student Conduct fulfills this mission by providing programs and services that:

1. develop, disseminate, interpret, and enforce campus regulations, 
2. teach students about appropriate behavior and community membership, 
3. provide programs and activities that foster student's intellectual, ethical and cultural development, 
4. intervene effectively when behavior violates the Code of Conduct, and 
5. offer educational and leadership opportunities for students who participate in the operation of the Student Conduct Process. 


What the Office of Student Conduct Expects of Students 

Students will read, know, understand and abide by the Code of Conduct. 
Students know right from wrong and will make appropriate choices. 
Students will take responsibility for their own behavior. 
Students will be honest in all that they do and will admit when their actions and behaviors violate the Code of Conduct. 
Students will understand if they violate the Code of Conduct and engage in behaviors that are detrimental to themselves and/or the community, they will be held accountable for this behavior and sanctioned accordingly. 
Students will understand that egregious and/or repeated violations of the Code of Code of Conduct will be result in suspension or expulsion.


What Students Can Expect of the Office of Student Conduct

Students will be treated with fairness and respect and like independent adults. 
Students will receive timely notification of charges, pre-hearing and hearing information, and decisions. 
Students will have their questions (regarding the Student Conduct process, possible outcomes, sanctions, etc.) answered completely and in a timely manner. 
Students will be referred to other campus offices or community agencies as needed. 
Information regarding a student’s Student Conduct history will be kept confidential, with information released only to those with a legitimate right to know such information. 
Students’ parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will be notified of the outcome of any guilty case, or of an alleged violation when the students have placed themselves in serious or life-threatening situations.