Residence Halls

 Georgia Southwestern offers a unique experience in community living. The various living options of traditional residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments are designed to help meet the  needs of our students. The residential community offers students the opportunity for learning beyond the classroom walls, and provides programs designed to meet the students’ social, recreational, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and educational needs. As a member of the residential community, each student has an opportunity to gain personal growth and lasting friendships.


Southwestern Oaks
Freshmen Residence Halls and First Year Experience Program


Southwestern Pines
Apartments for Upper Classmen


Southwestern Magnolia
Private Suites for Upper Classmen

Move-In Day 2014

Saturday, August 16th
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

A student’s first Move-In Day is almost always a memorable day for students and their parents. It is the day your family brings you to campus and leaves without you. Fathers are carrying refrigerators, mothers are crying about leaving their child, and siblings are cheering that they now get the "big" room. Southwestern knows this can be a challenging, stressful time. Every year we work to make Move-In Day easy for you and your family. Public Safety officers will direct you where to park; students, faculty, and staff will greet you and help you unload your car; and our Residence Life staff will check you into your room and make sure you have everything you need. Activities will start that evening, making it easy to get to know other students and have a great time getting to know Southwestern.

What to Bring

Don't bring too much... don't bring to little... here's a list of what we suggest.


First Year Experience Program

This program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of today's freshmen!